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SB Nation NBA Disney Draft: Sixers select Air Bud 19th overall

SoulPancake’s Puppypalooza Party Photo by Tasia Wells/Getty Images

In spirit with the NBA restarting the 2019-20 season in Disney World, the SB Nation NBA network took part in a Disney character draft. The goal was for each team to draft a fictional Disney character that could help the team in their playoff run. Without further ado, I introduce to you the Sixers pick at no. 19.

With the 19th selection of the SB Nation Disney Character Draft, the Philadelphia 76ers select...

Buddy “Air Bud” Framm

Position: SG/SF
Shoots: ...with mouth
Height: 5’2” on hind legs
Weight: 95 lbs
Club: Fernfield Timberwolves

The Philadelphia 76ers go a bit unconventional here selecting a dog who can not talk, does not have superpowers, and is not an animation, like the other players selected in this draft. However, Air Bud has one thing that I’ve yet to see from any other prospect: game film.

A golden retriever with two-way ability, Air Bud gives Philly a wing who can hound opposing ball-handlers on defense and provide some much needed energy on the offensive end. He also figures to serve as quite a fine complement to Ben Simmons in the transition game.

Air Bud plays low to the floor giving him a low and stable center of gravity and he stands on all fours offering more stability, making him a draining match up physically. He’s also got a relentless motor, possessing an innate desire to chase the ball around.

Most importantly, Air Bud doesn’t have thumbs. While this may seem like a weakness on the surface, the nature of the Sixers’ roster makes it a strength. Without thumbs, Air Bud has no desire to post up as all of his shots have to be catch-and-shoot, with little to no emphasis on the catch.

It’s only natural for Sixers fans to ask what his bill of health is like. While his breed’s build is known to be rough on the hips over the course of a career, Buddy is completely healthy and has only been playing ball for a season despite being such a mature and accomplished player.

One area of concern however is his off-the-court behavior and environment. The word around the combine was that Buddy likes to sneak table food when no one is looking. It’s also a well-known fact that Buddy’s previous owner frequently tries to intervene in Buddy’s career.

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