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Sixers vs. Thunder Postgame Quotes

Philadelphia 76ers v Oklahoma City Thunder Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Brett Brown

On what stood out to him from Al Horford’s performance…

Just he had a spirit about him, playing, like he had a confidence, playing. He was communicative on defense, playing. He played. He really played. Like he came in, and it’s true, you pay attention to his three-point shots that stand out the most, but I thought overall he was a great voice behind all the things we were doing – and was really good in the timeouts.

On Shake Milton

I think today was a great day in relation to how I think teams are going to play him. They’re going to jump him, they’re going to spin him, they’re going to crawl into him, they’re going to whack him when they can. And the physicality of today I thought equaled what you’d see from the Celtics or Toronto as an example. And I think he’s coming around from that perspective, dealing with the physicality of things and still getting us into things, I think, well. And he’s going to have to [in order] to be the sort-of starting point guard with a team that’s pretty good; there’s a hell of a lot of responsibility in that role and I don’t think he’s sped up in his mind for him not to be sped up in his game because of pressure is something that I was impressed with tonight. I do think there were times in the third period that they jumped us without some of our key people in the game, that hurt us, but in general I think Shake has handled that extended defense and overall physicality, the pressure, quite well.

On Norvel Pelle…

I thought he was excellent. Like, you go into these preseason-type games and you make a decision on how you’re going to give people minutes. It was my decision today, without Joel, to give Kyle O’Quinn, who’s been just an exceptional teammate, really just a vocal, good man to have in a locker room – give him an opportunity and because of that I thought that Norvel, when he was in the game, played really well. We decided to go with KO [Kyle O’Quinn] down the stretch and give him some minutes, and it was the same thing with Mar [Marial Shayok]. I think that Furk [Furkan Korkmaz] probably struggled a little tonight a little bit, Glenn’s [Robinson III] injury opened up some minutes and so we ended up going with Mar. But I thought Norvel was good.

Philadelphia 76ers v Oklahoma City Thunder Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Ben Simmons

On seeking out mismatches…

I personally believe that’s how the game is played in general. You try to find mismatches wherever you can, weaknesses in the defense. So, yeah, we were definitely going at guys, trying to find the best option for guys to score.

On Al Horford

That’s Al. That’s what he does. He’s a great player, team-first guy, his IQ on the court is amazing; he knows how to play the game well. Defensively, he can move his feet, so having him here has been great. We’re only getting better, and more confident, and our chemistry is getting a lot better the more we play.

On Josh Richardson’s defense…

Vocally, he’s one of the guys who’s always talking. So, to have him, Matisse [Thybulle], Norvel [Pelle] in there – guys who are very lengthy and able to get deflections helps so much – especially, with J-Rich, having that experience with him helping other guys on the floor. He’s just been great for us. He’s always been that type of dog type of player on the defensive end and that chemistry with that five is only getting better.

Philadelphia 76ers v Oklahoma City Thunder Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Al Horford

On being vocal and if he’s feeling his voice on the team grow…

Yeah, I think so. I think — like we’ve talked [about] before — coming into this position and this team already having success, for me it was really coming in here and feeling everything out. But now, we’ve been together for quite a while. We’ve had really good weeks here preparing and practicing. And I feel more comfortable. I’m out there just trying to help the group, the guys, in any way that I can. The intensity is going to start to pick up with the games just meaning much more. This is the position you want to be in. You want to be in these type of positions.

On his performance today increasing his confidence…

I know what I’m capable of. For me, it’s just to go out there and — I thought today we played with good rhythm, with good pace, throughout the game. Ben [Simmons] setting the tone for us. [Josh Richardson], just down the list, you know, guys just being very active, especially defensively. And I just feel like that fuels our team and our offense. We use our length well and that’s just kind of contagious, especially when those guys bring it at that level. It just gets all of us going as well.

On how Ben Simmons playing the four impacts his own game…

Honestly, I don’t see much of a difference. The way that we want to do things, we want to get out in transition. And when we get out in transition, we’re giving the ball to Ben and letting him kind of dictate and make plays. And then, in the half court, I can still go and set a pick-and-roll for him — and we did that a few times today — and kind of play out of that. So, it’s not much different.

On if he’s noticed Ben Simmons being more aggressive…

Ben is just being Ben. He just sets the tone for us. It’s like “good luck” getting in front of him, trying to contain him or stop him in transition. He’s such a big body, so fast, explosive. He just knows how to play. He has a really good feel for the game.

Philadelphia 76ers v Oklahoma City Thunder Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Shake Milton

On what he is looking to accomplish and what he thinks his role is going to be as the point guard moving forward…

I think my role is going to be to come in and set everybody up, make sure everybody is in the right spots, get the offense going like we need it to go and knock down shots when I’m open. And then make plays. Pass the ball and find my teammates. Just hoop.

On the message to him about defense…

Just focusing on the little things. Focusing on the details. Knowing personnel — that’s been a big thing in the locker room [and] and something that we’ve been trying to accomplish and get better at. So, just taking care of the little things and focusing on the personnel.

On how Tobias Harris speaking out on racial justice strikes him as a younger player…

It strikes me as a leader. You can definitely tell that he’s trying to use his voice and use his platform in whatever way he can to vocalize the injustices that have been going on in this country. I applaud him for it and it’s something that I can look at and take from and kind of apply it to my own platform. He’s a leader.

Philadelphia 76ers v Oklahoma City Thunder Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

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