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NBA Scrimmages Return: Open Thread

Basketball is back!

Los Angeles Clippers v Orlando Magic Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

While we still have to wait a couple days for the Sixers to return to the court, some form of NBA basketball is finally back in our lives today, as four scrimmages are taking place in Orlando, broadcast on NBA TV and/or NBA League Pass.

Granted, these scrimmages are only 40 minutes long, and starters will probably top out at about 20 minutes, but it’s still extremely exciting to have the Association back on our televisions or screens of choice.

Couple notes on former Sixers involved:

  • Markelle Fultz will not be playing today. He joined the bubble later than the rest of his teammates due to a personal matter. All that means to me is more MCW!
  • Landry Shamet tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this month, but completed his 14-day quarantine. However, he is out for today’s scrimmage.

Questions and storylines abound:

  • Over/under 0.5 beers JJ Redick shotguns on the sidelines?
  • Can TLC and Justin Anderson lead a depleted Brooklyn Nets roster to the promised land?
  • Why are the Wizards in the bubble? (I know the real answer is so the NBA could finagle Zion down there.)
  • Skinny Jokic!
  • In all seriousness, it will be interesting to see the Miami Heat take the floor, a very possible first-round opponent for the Sixers. Bam Adebayo and Kendrick Nunn entered the bubble yesterday, meaning Miami projects to be at full strength when seeding games begin.

Follow along with today’s action in the comments. Basketball!

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