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Josh Harris and David Blitzer interested in buying the New York Mets

Step right up and greet the Mets

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers-Barkley Statue Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Are you part of the underserved demographic who casts allegiance for the Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey Devils, and New York Mets? Well, have I got some news for you. Per a report from Variety’s Scott Soshnick, Sixers owners Josh Harris and David Blitzer are serious suitors in the sale of the New York Mets.

As we ease back into re-opening the economy following the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are doing their best to support struggling local businesses. Few businesses are struggling more than the Mets, who lose at least $50 million annually, even before COVID-19, per Variety. We all know Harris and Blitzer love a nice “distressed asset”, and it’s hard to imagine an asset more distressed than a Mets franchise that operates as a money sieve in a sport where owners and players can’t reach an agreement on returning to play, and has a history of financial acumen that led to things like still paying Bobby Bonilla through 2035.

That line of thinking is supported in an article from the New York Post’s Thornton McEnery:

With the MLB season now in more doubt than ever, and the Mets’ financial picture deteriorating rapidly, insiders say Harris and Blitzer will leverage the situation to get the Mets for the lowest possible price.

Ah, yes, those are our guys.

However, the stranger note about the situation is the following from that Post story (remember that Harris and Blitzer also own the New Jersey Devils):

While both men declined to comment, The Post has also learned that the recent ramping up might have been piqued by reports the Wilpons are finally willing to part with their television network, SNY, giving Harris and Blitzer a chance to merge their other franchises onto one “superregional” sports network.

Sure, there might be some overlap among supporters of the Mets and Devils (although Mets fans are much more likely to be Rangers or Islanders fans). But the idea that there’s some market for Sixers fans to tune in to Mets or Devils games that don’t also include the Phillies or Flyers is crazy. It takes a certain detachment from reality to think that just because these three franchises are all within around 120 miles of each other on the map that they share some sort of collective affinity.

I’m not saying sports owners have to revolve their lives around a certain team, but fans definitely appreciate when ownership of their favorite team embraces the city and treats it like home, even if they’re not from there. I can’t say that Harris, Blitzer and the ownership group have ever given Sixers fans that feeling.

Variety also reports Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are interested in buying the Mets. I’m personally rooting for A-Rod and J-Lo.