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A Disney Title: The Perfect Ending to The Process

A fitting end to the weirdest era in Philadelphia basketball.

Detroit Pistons v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

This season has been weird, there’s no way around it. A year in which the Sixers were supposed to take the next step towards a championship has gone anything but smoothly. Offseason moves like signing Al Horford to a massive contract are looked at as total failures and the front office’s continuous inability to work the margins of the team through the draft have had fans upset for a while now.

The team continued to win games but they still didn’t live up to expectations. Games that should have been easy wins came down to the wire and questions about how the starting lineup fit together were never resolved. While the league shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic was disappointing, it gave the Sixers a chance to heal up and take a long look in the mirror as to what kind of team they actually wanted to be.

With the league ramping up to return in Orlando the Sixers are one of the teams invited to play in the shortened season. With 22 teams playing in the same area and living in the same complex in an attempt to bring home a championship we are sure to get our fair share of weird stories and drama. This is no ordinary season and the Sixers are no ordinary team, so it only makes sense that this is when they finally break through.

The team had been ridiculed for years about how they built the roster and the losing culture they had created. From freak injuries, to draft pick busts, to overbearing parents, the Sixers have had one of the weirdest stretches both on and off the court in the history of the league. With so many moving parts over the years some might argue that The Process is no longer a thing in Philadelphia. As long as the Sixers have the fruits of Sam Hinkie’s labor in Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons on the roster then this team will always have a connection to The Process.

Are the Sixers an overwhelming favorite to win the NBA Finals this year? After how they performed up to this point the answer should be a resounding no, but stranger things have happened. Fans and members of the team have preached that this roster is built for the playoffs, and now in one of the weirdest playoffs of all time it’s time to find out if that’s true.

If this team can make a run to the Finals, winning with no fans in attendance would be icing on the cake. Nothing has gone according to plan up until this point, and I doubt it’ll start any time soon. So why not win it all in Disney World? Let’s get weird.