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Black Lives Matter

Eight days ago, George Floyd was murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis. Since then, protesters have gathered around the country to demand justice. Unfortunately, even the most peaceful protests against police violence have often been met with more violence from the police.

Please consider donating to these three funds to help support protesters and enact change.

The Philadelphia Bail Fund provides direct bail assistance to Philadelphians who cannot afford it:

Progressives Everywhere has created a fund that will split your donation between bail funds in 14 different cities across the country:

Black Lives Matter Global Network is leading the fight against police violence and white supremacy:

To learn more about other ways to help:

The writers at Liberty Ballers believe it is crucial we fight for specific policies in order to effectively fight the racism against black Americans that is institutionalized in police departments across the country. That is why we are endorsing these eight demands from The Movement for Black Lives.

Regarding the murder of George Floyd, the Philadelphia 76ers put out the following statement:

It would not be truthful to share this statement without context. Team owner Joshua Harris has donated several thousand dollars to various politicians in the past year, according to the FEC database. Notably, he made a maximum personal donation of $2,800 to Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas, who has suggested several times this week that the United States deploy its military against protesters. If Joshua Harris truly supports this community, he should put his money behind those fighting for change — not those opposing it.

Furthermore, while the Sixers organization does a great deal of positive work with charities, it is unclear what initiatives the team plans to specifically support as part of their being “committed to using our voice and taking action to support and drive change that is long overdue.” We hope the team will share specific steps they plan to take to help enact this change, as their resources and influence would be valuable to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Below are tweets from and about Sixers players, a few of which the team has chosen to amplify from its Twitter account. We are truly lucky to have leaders like these in our community.

Ben Simmons:

Simmons also tweeted this, in reference to statements from Donald Trump:

Tobias Harris:

Harris also retweeted several tweets, and anyone looking to learn more about the protests and the Black Lives Matter movement would benefit from a closer look at Harris’ Twitter feed.

Matisse Thybulle was seen protesting with Harris:

Mike Scott:

Josh Richardson:

Shake Milton:

Furkan Korkmaz:

Black Lives Matter.

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