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Sixers Film Fix: Ben Simmons’s passing, Joel Embiid’s blocks, and more

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A new weekly series to give you something to watch if you’re missing basketball.

New Orleans Pelicans v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The NBA has been gone for almost two months. The Philadelphia 76ers haven’t played since March 11. I think most of us are probably missing basketball by now.

To get a bit of my basketball fix, I’ve been rewatching some old games and going through clips of different players. I decided to start making some videos as well, just to help keep busy and hopefully provide something that people might enjoy watching for a few minutes. I spend a lot of time making various videos through the season anyway, so why not keep things going?

I’ll be making about 3-5 videos a week featuring all things Sixers, consisting of highlights and maybe some more analytical content here and there, too. And every Friday, I’ll group them together in an article.

First up, some of Ben Simmons’s best passes (I couldn’t strictly limit it to assists, because the first Magic Johnson-esque bounce pass to Dario Saric is too good to leave out).

Next, a look at some of Joel Embiid’s finest blocks.

And back to some Simmons film. First, some of his best steals of 2019-20. His increased effort and engagement has been a huge part of his leap to becoming an All-Defensive First Team level player. One of the main areas where this paid off is with his off-ball defense, and how disruptive he became in passing lanes and as a help defender.

Lastly, still sticking with the theme of Simmons’s defense, here are some of his best blocks of the season. His size, timing, phenomenal speed, and effort led to plenty of impressive chasedowns to lead the way.

If there are any particular videos you want to see — from highlights to analysis — please feel free to make some suggestions in the comments.

Also, if you want to see videos through the week rather than just in these posts, you can find me on Twitter @TomWestNBA.

Finally, I hope you’re all doing well. Stay safe.