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Survivor: Sixers - Episode 2

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The Merge is here!

Survivor: Winners at War Photo by CBS via Getty Images

It’s time for another episode of everyone’s favorite fake reality competition, Survivor: Sixers! Last week saw the thinning out of each tribe, alliances begin to form, and a blindside. The Merge is now here and every remaining player is now playing completely for themselves. There will still be immunity challenges, but from now on only one person in every Tribal will be safe. With all of that said, let’s get into it.

Remaining Players

Mike Scott, Marial Shayok, Joel Embiid, Furkan Korkmaz, Matisse Thybulle, Tobias Harris, Alec Burks, Norvel Pelle, Shake Milton, Ben Simmons

First Tribal (Post Merge)

Even though the game is every man for themselves, the old Red Tribe still has the numbers advantage should they decide to stick together. The old Blue Tribe realizes this and tries to find cracks in the alliance in an attempt to break them up, but the red alliance stands firm for now.

With several players feeling like they might be the next to go, the first Solo Immunity Challenge of the season has even more importance than normal. Shake Milton ends up winning the challenge, a game of shooting balls from a long range in order to unlock a puzzle that you must complete. This seems to have put a target on Milton’s back, but nonetheless he has safety for at least one more vote.

Back at camp a friendship between Milton, Matisse Thybulle and Furkan Korkmaz starts to form, but Thybulle and Korkmaz agree to still vote with their old tribe in order to keep things peaceful around camp. What the other two don’t know, though, is that Korkmaz has found a hidden Immunity Idol while looking for firewood. There’s really not much more that the old Blue Tribe can do, and because of this Norvel Pelle is eliminated by a 6-4 vote making him the first member of the Tribal Council. Norvel Pelle eliminated

Second Tribal (Post Merge)

Tobias Harris and Matisse Thybulle have been tight since the beginning. They bonded over their love of books, and Harris has been looking out for Thybulle on the island. Unfortunately for Thybulle, that also includes some good-natured teasing. For his latest prank, Harris creates a fake idol and hides it somewhere for Thybulle to find. Matisse, coming upon the idol, cannot believe his good fortune. At the merge, he and Shake Milton had formed a final 3 alliance with Furkan Korkmaz, with each of them reaching out to older players for protection. After an epic performance in last week’s immunity challenge his previous alliance now sees him as a huge threat.

After Ben Simmons wins Immunity, Milton is feeling more in danger than ever before. Thybulle, thinking he can help his #1, gives Milton the fake idol before Tribal. At Tribal, Milton plays the idol, and Thybulle is stunned when it turns out it isn’t real. Shake is voted out by a vote of 8-1. Thybulle heads back to camp vowing to get revenge for his fallen comrade. Shake Milton eliminated

Third Tribal (Post Merge)

Harris laughingly admits that the fake idol was meant to be found by Thybulle. Thybulle, guessing this, jokes along and expresses that he is glad that someone from the opposite side finds it. Later that day, he pulls aside another prank-pulling alliance mate, Mike Scott, and tells him that Harris was planning on tricking him with a fake idol next. Scott, who has stated that he “ain’t no bitch,” is not ok with that idea. The two of them team up to rally the votes against Harris. Not sensing any danger, Harris even sits out of the immunity challenge, which Ben Simmons wins again, for a bottle of red wine. At Tribal, Scott and Thybulle blindside Harris with a 5-3 vote with Furkan Korkmaz, Marial Shayok and Ben Simmons voting alongside them. Tobias Harris eliminated

Fourth Tribal (Post Merge)

This episode kicks off with a Reward Challenge! It’s the classic “Q & A” challenge and all of the rookie studying on his tribemates has paid off as Matisse is named the winner. He wins a Chick-fil-A feast, and brings along his alliance mates Mike Scott and Furkan Korkmaz. Back at camp, Embiid, bitter about not being selected for the reward and being denied Cookies N’ Cream milkshakes, starts to rally up the votes to get the rookie out.

At the Immunity Challenge, the players have to complete an obstacle course to collect sticks, which they will tie together to retrieve a key and open a lock. Thybulle, sensing something is afoot, pushes himself to his limits in an attempt to win. Unfortunately, he can’t out-push the sheer willpower of an angry (and hungry) Joel Embiid, who wins. Thybulle tries to talk both Shayok and Simmons from flipping on him but he can tell he’s probably lost them.

Luckily at Tribal Furkan Korkmaz does the improbable and plays his Immunity Idol for Thybulle, saving his top ally. All four votes cast for Thybulle are voided and the player sent packing is Marial Shayok with three votes. Marial Shayok eliminated

Fifth Tribal (Post Merge)

Back at camp, Matisse Thybulle sneaks off to look for the final idol left in the game. Walking back with no luck he notices a rock with very odd features. It almost looks like a man wearing a shirt with incredibly high collars — boy, does that sound preposterous. Thybulle searches it and finds an advantage. It isn’t Immunity, but it gives him the ability to steal one persons vote during Tribal.

Furkan Korkmaz wins the Immunity Challenge, outlasting Joel Embiid in a game of HORSE that went down to the wire. Embiid freaks out back at camp over the loss, adding an even bigger target to his back. Thybulle decides now is the time to make a move and take out the face of the franchise — if it doesn’t happen now, Embiid could walk into the finals by winning just two Immunity Challenges. At Tribal Thybulle uses his advantage to steal Embiid’s vote, giving his alliance the numbers advantage and eliminating “The Process” by a 4-2 vote. Joel Embiid eliminated

With only five players remaining things are coming to a head. Check back in next Wednesday to see who is crowned as the first ever Sixers Survivor Champion!