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They Said WHAT?! 76ers quarantine edition

The NBA is discussing plans to return to play, and there are countless factors to consider. In an attempt to understand how these circumstances will affect the Philadelphia 76ers, Liberty Ballers reached out to ten of our favorite boomers in the sports and political worlds and asked them to let us in on their wisdom. All of them were generous enough to share their time and expertise with the Liberty Ballers community. The below quotes are a collection of the best insights we could gather.

“The league needs to make sure players don’t leave their hotel rooms. If Ben Simmons spends less time with the Kardashians, maybe he’ll spend more time shooting threes.”

Ed Rendell

On the psychological effects of isolation.

“That’s Spotify’s problem now.”

Bill Simmons

On health care for NBA media members.

“I really like that Matisse Thybulle. He understands we need to get back to work.”

Milton Street

On his favorite player.

“In 4 seasons Carson Wentz has ZERO playoff wins, 48 regular season fumbles. He is 7-20 vs teams over 500. He has no heart no desire to win. His teammates hate him. He has started 5-6 in 3 of his first 4 seasons. Eagles are 24-6 in their last 30 games with Nick Foles.”


On social distancing.

“Listen, Jack, these young kids on the 87s. I used to play ball with Obama. I mean, get real. I don’t...”

Joe Biden

On Delawareans supporting Philly sports teams.

“If I had a medium size ladder I would love to stand next to Joel’s mouth and stop him from drinking too many Shirley Temples.”

Jerry Colangelo

On staying in shape during quarantine.

“I’m free any time now that I’m retired. This actually suits my sleep schedule much better.”

Jimmy Butler

On the NBA playing afternoon games.

“The fans will never come back.”

Howard Eskin

On playing in empty stadiums.

“The Sixers not firing Brett Brown would be like [offensive reference redacted].”

Chris Matthews

On players potentially spreading the virus.

“I’m only 47. Please don’t include me on your list of boomers.”

Chris Webber

On how the virus affects his approach to announcing.