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Survivor: Sixers - Episode 3

And the winner is...

Survivor: Winners at War Photo by CBS via Getty Images

The much anticipated finale of Survivor airs tonight on CBS, so that means we only have one episode left to crown a winner in our first ever Survivor: Sixers season. Last week saw the Merge come and several big players taken out just before the finale. Now that there are no more hidden immunity idols to be played the game really is up for grabs, so let’s find out who wins!

Remaining Players

Mike Scott, Furkan Korkmaz, Matisse Thybulle, Alec Burks, Ben Simmons

Sixth Tribal (Post Merge)

With the shocking elimination of Joel Embiid to end the last episode there was a clear divide back at camp. Matisse Thybulle played his cards perfectly and now his alliance with Mike Scott and Furkan Korkmaz has the numbers advantage. Advantages and Hidden Immunity Idols can no longer be played at Tribal, so the only real security left is to win the few remaining Immunity Challenges. Today’s Challenge is a Survivor favorite: each castaway has to hold onto the top of a pole without falling off, and the last person left wins Immunity. It comes down to Ben Simmons and Mike Scott, but it is Simmons who takes away the win after Scott gets distracted by Alec Burks talking about a glass of Jack with no ice.

Burks is squarely on the chopping block. He tries his best to swing both Scott and Korkmaz to his side to take out someone from their alliance, but has no such luck. At the end of the day the vote is very easy and Burks is eliminated by a 3-2 vote. Alec Burks eliminated

Seventh Tribal (Post Merge)

In my opinion, one of the most interesting aspects of Survivor is the fact that the winner of the final Immunity Challenge gets to pick who he wants to take to the final while the other two castaways compete in a fire-making competition. This really tests someone’s decision making late in the game while also seeing how tight relationships really are. This Immunity Challenge was one of the tightest races of the season. Each castaway had to swim to collect numbered blocks that created a combination, and then had to figure out the correct combination to a lock that would unlock a slide puzzle. The first to complete the puzzle of the Liberty Bell would be the first member of the final three. In the end Ben Simmons cemented his place in the final three, beating out Thybulle on the slide puzzle by seconds.

Back at camp Ben Simmons had some decisions to make. All of the remaining castaways looked strong, but who did he think he could beat at the very end? At Tribal Council Simmons decided to take Mike Scott with him to the finals, leaving Korkmaz and Thybulle to battle it out in the fire-making competition. In this competition the two competing must start a fire and keep it burning long and high enough to burn a rope hanging above. Thybulle, being the bookworm he is, read numerous books about starting fires before coming to the island and starts his almost immediately. Korkmaz gets his going but it’s too little too late and Thybulle’s rope burns first.

We have our final three: Ben Simmons, Mike Scott and Matisse Thybulle. Furkan Korkmaz eliminated

Final Tribal Council

With the final three decided they must go up against the Tribal Council and make their case as to why they should be voted as the winner. They each list their accomplishments in hopes of impressing the Tribal Council.

Ben Simmons: Simmons has won four solo Immunity Challenges, the most of any castaway. He was also willing to flip his vote whenever necessary because he had no true alliance (whether this is a good or bad thing is up for debate). Besides that, Simmons was a pretty quiet guy around camp and didn’t make any real enemies.

Mike Scott: Scott took a backseat most of this game, making sure to not rock the boat too much. His big move so far has been teaming up with Matisse Thybulle to blindside Tobias Harris, but besides that he really sat back and let his alliance take most of heat for any votes that didn’t go the opposition’s way. His mindset was if he isn’t the leader, then maybe he won’t make as many enemies. Realizing that the odds are stacked against him, he ends up doing the most Mike Scott thing possible and tries to bully the Tribal Council into voting for him.

Matisse Thybulle: Thybulle seems to have the longest resumé of the final three as he played a vital role in several key moments. Back in the tribe portion of the game he continuously had the numbers on his side yet still made relationships with members who were in danger — this is where his alliance with Furkan Korkmaz began.

Once the Merge arrived Thybulle continued to rely on his social game, forming a strong connection with Shake Milton, even playing an idol for him that ended up being fake unbeknownst to him. Even though Milton was eliminated this showed him that Thybulle was a true ally. After this, Thybulle turned the numbers on Harris and blindsided him, and then followed this up by stealing Embiid’s vote to take out the most physically threatening player left. Finally he ended up beating his top ally in Korkmaz in the fire-making contest to secure his spot in the final three, one of the biggest resumé boosters in all of Survivor. One of the most likable players on the island, Thybulle focused on the social game more than worrying about physical challenges which he won none of.

Final Results

1st Place: Matisse Thybulle — 4 votes (Furkan Korkmaz, Marial Shayok, Tobias Harris, Shake Milton)

2nd Place: Ben Simmons — 3 votes (Alec Burks, Joel Embiid, Norvel Pelle)

3rd Place: Mike Scott — 0 votes

So there you have it, Matisse Thybulle is your first ever Survivor: Sixers winner! In the end, Tribal Council seemed to value a strong social game and tight relationships just a bit more than domination in Immunity Challenges.

Hopefully you all had as much fun with this storyline as we did writing it, and if you have some free time during this quarantine, please do yourself a favor and go watch any season of Survivor you can find.