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“Trust the Do a 180”.... Does Joel Embiid have a new nickname?

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NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

This evening, on an episode of Jeopardy, there was a pretty funny moment. Let’s start with the clue. Under current sports nicknames, for $1000, the incomparable Alex Trebek read the following:

“Joel Embiid in 2019 won the trademark for this nickname of his that also describes the 76ers’ strategy of improving the team.”

First of all, credit to Jeopardy for knowing their Process history better than many talking heads on some NBA coverage teams. But I digress....

Clearly, as anyone reading this knows, the correct response is “What is The Process.” But this contestant offered a rather amusing guess of “what is do a 180?” As in Joel “Do a 180” Embiid (insert sideways laughing emoji).

Take a listen:

You can see where the guy is coming from. If he’s not a big NBA fan, he may have at least known a 180 is a dunk type and the Sixers turned things around in exemplary fashion. So a 180 would technically fit both (?). If he was just randomly guessing on the spot, it at least kind of makes sense, right? Am I reaching?

Of course, that type of hail mary is probably not worth attempting in the $1000 bracket. That means the contestant may have actually thought he was gonna nail this one. And that’s what makes this especially funny. As if his nickname is a command fans give him each time he leaps into the air. Joel jumps. Fans bark out: “Do one of them 180 jawns!” And on the spot the 7 footer twists into a reverse, hence the moniker. If Embiid were known for any dunk, it would probably be his patented windmill for the record.

Anywho, this gets even better. Soon after the video makes rounds on Twitter, Joel “The Process” Embiid catches wind of the gaffe and incorporates it into his twitter. Joel is known for his flair for social media. Remember, he even started to use the viral image of himself crying after game 7 vs. the raptors on his profile page on Twitter.

And so here is how his profile looks now:

It’s pretty fun to have a star who is equally adept at making fun of himself as he is tormenting opponents. He even included this Shaqtin a fool moment for fans to laugh about:

We don’t expect Embiid, who is battling a shoulder injury, back during this road trip. But hopefully soon after that. After losing two straight, they can certainly use Do a 180 back out there.