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Stars of the Internet: How the Sixers can win the NBA suspension

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The Sixers’ global domination starts now

Detroit Pistons v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

We are going on week two of no basketball, or sports in general, to entertain us on a nightly basis. Yes, the viewing experience sometimes sucks, but it is also very much needed. For as much as we complain about the Sixers and how miserable they make our lives, they can also be a much-needed break from everyday life. We can tune in for a few hours and just focus on the game, nothing more. Without basketball, we don’t have that anymore, but that doesn’t mean this Sixers roster has to just fade away. Several players have shown in years past just how infectious their personalities can be. I see no better time than now to show that personality once again, even if it isn't on the basketball court.

Social media is a staple of everyday life in today’s society. With many dying of pure boredom, it is time for the Sixers to spring into action. Now more than ever, we need the Internet Avengers, and there might not be a team better suited to fill that role than the Philadelphia 76ers.

Instagram: Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid has been known to mix it up online from time to time. This year more than any before, he seems to have taken the high road approach and has been much more tame. But while everyone is experiencing some off time, this is the perfect chance for him to get back to his old goofiness. Whether it’s calling out opponents or trying new hairstyles, Embiid always has his finger on the pulse of what fans want to see.

In order for him to really dominate Instagram during the league suspension, maybe he could go back to throwing some lighthearted barbs at players around the league, or even going on Instagram Live to broadcast his FIFA 20 matches against fans.

Twitter: Mike Scott

Mike Scott is a man of the people, so what better app for him to focus on than Twitter. He’s known to respond to fans pretty often and just hang out on the platform with the rest of us, so all he really needs to do is continue doing just that. Maybe throw in a few Q&A’s with fans so we can get a better understanding on his love for the Mike Scott Hive, Jack with no ice, and emoji tattoos and he’ll really be cooking with gas.

Tik Tok: Matisse Thybulle

If there’s one player who is growing his online presence during the league suspension, it’s Matisse Thybulle. Philadelphia fans already know about Thybulle’s happy go-lucky demeanor, but his newly created Tik Tok account is giving all NBA fans a look at what our smiley prince is up to in his free time. Only 23 years old, he is the perfect age to really take the hottest social media platform by storm.


I sincerely apologize to my neighbors for the noise #QuarantineChronicles

♬ original sound - itsmatisse

I mean, come on, how can you not love this guy? We need Matisse teaching Tobias Harris and Mike Scott Tik Tok dances YESTERDAY.

Twitch: Ben Simmons

Many young NBA stars are getting into the Esports world, and Ben Simmons is leading the charge. The All-Star point guard uses a lot of his off time to perfect his gaming skills and has quickly grown a relationship with the E-Sports organization FaZe Clan. Simmons also has a brand-new gaming room in his house with tons of monitors and PC setups, showing that he’s serious about his off-court ventures.

The next step could be for Simmons to start streaming his gaming action on Twitch in order to grow his audience. With all sports being put to a halt, there are more eyes on Twitch than ever before. This is just another opportunity for Simmons to become an even more household name.

Facebook: Al Horford

Al Horford is old. Old people have migrated to Facebook. This seems like the perfect fit. I don't know if Horford could achieve internet domination on this social media site, but thinking about him leading a Sixers group calling for the firing of Brett Brown and disavowing The Process makes me laugh.