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Christian Wood becomes third NBA player to test positive for coronavirus

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The Sixers played Wood and the Pistons Wednesday night

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NBA: Detroit Pistons at Philadelphia 76ers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

As more and more COVID-19 cases arise both across the nation and globe, Detroit Pistons big man Christian Wood is now the third player to test positive for the virus, following Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz.

Wood and the Pistons played the Jazz on Saturday, March 7, and then traveled to Philadelphia to play the Sixers Wednesday night in what was the last game for both teams before the NBA suspended the season. Sixers players have been in self-quarantine since Thursday, but that game was also played at the Wells Fargo Center in front of thousands of fans, arena employees, and media. According to Derek Bodner of The Athletic, the Sixers have been working to get tests for their players and staff:

From a report by James L. Edwards III at The Athletic, “Wood is ‘100 percent OK’ and ‘feeling fine,’ per a source. Wood felt subtle symptoms of the virus on Thursday, and decided to get tested as a precaution. Wood has been in self-isolation since Wednesday.” Best wishes for the former Sixer that his immune system continues to be strong enough to render this a mild case for him personally.

Hopefully, this serves as an additional reminder for people that you can be carrying the virus even if you are asymptomatic. You could be a low-risk person exposing a high-risk person to the illness. Please practice self-quarantine and social distancing as much as possible. The bars will still be there when this crisis is over, I promise. Basically, we all need to be a little more like Josh Richardson.