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NBA tells teams that league will be suspended a minimum of 30 days

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We have a slight update on a rapidly evolving situation

NBA: All Star-Saturday Night Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

With league officials across the world of sports taking precautions to protect athletes, personnel, and fans from COVID-19, the NBA informed teams today that the league being suspended “until further notice” has now been designated as a minimum of 30 days.

Much like “will be re-evaluated in two weeks” updates from the Sixers medical staff, that timeline of 30 days feels like a placeholder until events unfold and further information is known down the line. Given everything happening at this point, I’m sure the league would be happy if play was actually able to get back underway a mere 30 days from now.

Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell became the second NBA player to have a known positive testing for the coronavirus, following teammate Rudy Gobert. Mitchell posted a message to fans earlier today:

In addition to the NBA suspending its season, 14 NCAA basketball conference tournaments have been cancelled at time of posting (Update: NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments have also been cancelled), MLB has cancelled spring training and postponed the start of the regular season by at least two weeks, and the NHL has suspended its regular season, just to name a few of the sports currently impacted.

Take necessary precautions and stay safe, everyone.

Update: The Sixers released an official statement in support of the league’s decision to suspend the season.