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Injury Update: Ben Simmons to be re-evaluated in three weeks

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NBA: All Star-Media Day Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

Ben Simmons, who has not played since February 22nd due to a lower back injury, has been progressing through his treatment and will be re-evaluated in three weeks, according to a press release from the Philadelphia 76ers.

MARCH 11, 2020 - Ben Simmons (nerve impingement, lower back) continues to progress in his rehabilitation. He is receiving daily treatment and is gradually increasing the activities in his strength and conditioning program.

He will be re-evaluated in three weeks.

I’d call this more of a check-in than an update. Not very much new information here, although we can at least consider it good news that Ben is progressing through his rehab without any setbacks.

As for the timeline, three weeks from today is April 1st. If Simmons were outright cleared to play on April 1st, he would be able to get seven regular season games in before the NBA playoffs begin. That’s some runway to get going, but not a whole lot and at this point, the Sixers should prepare for a challenging match up in the first round of the playoffs. The top priority is getting Ben healthy, but there’s got to be some worry about team continuity considering the amount of injuries the team has dealt with.