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Grandma Helen’s Attic Edition #126: Sixers and NBA links from around the web

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NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Grandma Helen’s Attic is a constantly updated fanpost containing Sixers and NBA links from around the web, brought to you by Liberty Ballers community member Grandma Helen. You can find Edition 126 here.

From Grandma’s finger tips:

Grandma Helen’s Attic is a collection of basketball related links, video’s, article excerpts, commentary, interesting tweets, breaking news and the occasional off topic post of funny or topical material (I’ll do my best to stay away from politics).

As long as each edition of this ongoing series gets enough RECS to earn it’s stellar reputation as the Babe Ruth of Fanposts, I will continue to produce new editions. The purpose of monitoring RECs is to gauge continuing interest.

You can REC this Fanpost by logging onto Liberty Ballers and clicking on the green tab just below this Attic Edition header. The tab says REC.

Note: The Attic is highly addictive, shockingly informative, and a joy to read! It’s worth every penny you pay for it.

Overheard at the Attic


Theres no way of knowing who is going to make the buyout market and even then the player has to agree to want to come there. A prime example is Wes Matthews last year, he could have come here and had a better shot at a title but chose to go to Indiana instead because they had a start spot open and he wanted to show case for his FA coming up. This just guarantees we got some guys we like/want and the picks really aren’t going to be anything to miss barring a huge injury.

Maybe GH can enlighten us on bird rights and possibly resigning these guys but it could also be a way to see how they play with us and could be guys we try to keep around and we would have a leg up on doing that since we have them.

grandma Helen:

Once another team waives a player and makes him a FA, his Bird rights do not transfer to the 76ers if we sign him. His cost to us is what we sign him for (in our case the vet. min.) pro rata. We only have $1.18M in space under the lux. tax threshold, so this is an issue. Hopefully we can move Burke to increase space. Also if we cut Kyle O’Quinn and Jonah Bolden, we will need to sign Pelle (rookie min pro rata). Without the Burke move, signing a buyout will be a tight fit. I doubt the 76ers will go into lux. tax territory for a buyout because that would start the repeater tax clock a year early.


I was more curious about bird rights to resign GR3 or Burks if we wanted since [Liberty Ballers member ZoomOff] called them rentals

grandma Helen:

Only non-Bird (i.e. 20% raise).

Grandma Helen’s Attic Edition #126