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Ben Simmons questionable for tonight’s game against Brooklyn with back tightness

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The Sixers’ injury gremlin rears its ugly head

69th NBA All-Star Game Photo by Ivan Shum - Clicks Images/Getty Images

In this morning’s Sixers-Nets game preview, people commented how refreshing it was to see no Philadelphia injuries listed, and joked there was still time for an issue to crop up by 8:00pm tonight. It appears they were more right than they knew.

Ben was flying all over the court in Sunday’s All-Star game. There was one play where he fell awkwardly to the floor, but he had a smile on his face and quickly got up. Back issues can be tricky, though, and can crop up at any time without a clear moment of causation.

Simmons has been very durable for the Sixers this season, appearing in 53 of the team’s 55 games to date. Philadelphia would obviously love to have all hands on deck as they look to get the second half of the season off on the right foot. We’ll await further information from the team leading up to tonight’s game against Brooklyn.