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Around the NBA: Rockets to sign DeMarre Carroll, Kyrie voted VP of NBAPA

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NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at San Antonio Spurs Stephen Spillman-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Rockets to sign DeMarre Carroll, Jeff Green

The Houston Rockers are expected to sign DeMarre Carrol (who reached a buyout agreement with the San Antonio Spurs on Monday) and Jeff Green, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

The Houston Rockets are doubling down on small ball and planning to use their two remaining roster openings on 33-year-old forwards DeMarre Carroll and Jeff Green, league sources told ESPN.

Green, a free agent, plans to sign with the Rockets on Tuesday, league sources told ESPN. He will sign a 10-day contract with the team, giving him a chance to become comfortable with the fit before committing to a deal for the rest of the season, sources said.

Carroll agreed to a contract buyout with the San Antonio Spurs on Monday, his agent, Mark Bartelstein of Priority Sports, told ESPN. Carroll will sign with the Rockets upon clearing waivers, league sources told ESPN.

I understand Houston’s motivations here. After dealing Clint Capela, they have committed themselves to small ball entirely and Carroll and Green both offer some height while still meshing well with the Rockets’ offensive philosophy. But. Jeff Green’s goose is cooked. The Utah Jazz had to release him after 30 games to start this season because of Green’s painfully inefficient offense. I’m not sure Carroll’s got much left in the tank either. He’s played just 135 minutes for the Spurs all season and hasn’t suited up since January 8th.

Kyrie Irving voted VP of NBA Players Association

Kyrie Irving has been elected the Vice President of the NBA Players Association, replacing Pau Gasol who is coming off of a 3-year term.

“This was the right time for me to run for a leadership position in the NBPA. I have been an observer and a participant in union affairs for a while, but for the most part, I was off on the sidelines, supporting our Executive Committee as they made important decisions. At this point in my career, I wanted to join forces with those guys and take a bigger role outside of the basketball court and within our union.” - Kyrie Irving

I’m unsure of the voting process for the Players Association, but if it’s a simple polling of all players in the NBAPA, I’d love to know what the players saw in Kyrie as a union executive. I mean, this is a guy who parades himself around like he’s achieved nirvana because he posts long Instagram captions loosely referencing introductory-level metaphysical concepts. Do players actually fall for that shtick?

John Beilein to resign as coach of Cavs

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach John Beilein is expected to resign from his post before the end of the season, according to Shams Charania, Kelsey Russo, and Jason Lloyd of The Athletic.

Cavaliers coach John Beilein is expected to speak to team owner Dan Gilbert on Monday to talk about resolution options. Whether it is this week or at season’s end, Beilein will be on his way out as head coach, league sources tell The Athletic.

The Cavs are the worst team in the Eastern Conference sitting at 14-40 and only the Golden State Warriors have a worse record than the Cavs, so it’s not exactly a shock that their head coach may pay the ultimate price. But I am surprised at the brevity of Beilein’s tenure, I thought he could have some success at the NBA level. He was thrown into a tough situation though, and while losing is bad enough, the Cavs’ locker room has imploded this season.

Beilein has a proven track record of success and at the least I’d expect he gets another NCAA opportunity sooner than later.