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Mike Scott hosts Hive Appreciation Night

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The NBA’s All-Star Game features the biggest names in the sport, but the stars in the exhibition represent just a handful of the league’s hundreds of players. For the majority of NBAers, All-Star Weekend is a time to relax and reset. So how do these players take in the All-Star action? Philadelphia 76ers forward Mike Scott teamed up with Red Bull Hoops to take the game in with a group of Sixers faithful.

Scott and the Mike Scott Hive gathered at North Bowl in Northern Liberties Sunday night for an All-Star Game watch party.


The idea of an NBA player taking his time to hangout with loyal fans who have shown support is incredible. Very cool move by Mike Scott to not only give back to the fans, but to use his time off to do so. He could have flown down to Miami, spent the weekend on the beach, and slowly worked his way back into the grind. Instead, he’s on 2nd Street shooting pool and bowling strikes.


In return for his gracious duties as a host, Sixers fans in attendance signed a pair of Air Force 1s and gifted them to Scott.

Looks like Mike had some fun over the All-Star break. Now time to get back to action — Thursday can’t come soon enough.