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Grandma Helen’s Attic Edition #127: Sixers and NBA links from around the web

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Grandma Helen’s Attic is a constantly updated fanpost containing Sixers and NBA links from around the web, brought to you by Liberty Ballers community member Grandma Helen. You can find Edition #127 here.

From Grandma’s finger tips:

Grandma Helen’s Attic is a collection of basketball related links, video’s, article excerpts, commentary, interesting tweets, breaking news and the occasional off topic post of funny or topical material (I’ll do my best to stay away from politics).

As long as each edition of this ongoing series gets enough RECS to earn it’s stellar reputation as the Babe Ruth of Fanposts, I will continue to produce new editions. The purpose of monitoring RECs is to gauge continuing interest.

You can REC this Fanpost by logging onto Liberty Ballers and clicking on the green tab just below this Attic Edition header. The tab says REC.

Note: The Attic is highly addictive, shockingly informative, and a joy to read! It’s worth every penny you pay for it.

Overheard at the Attic


Hey GH,

We had a cap signing FA question in another post and was wondering if you would know the answer to it.

Let’s say we have a single empty roster space which incurs the 900k cap space hit. Lets say we have $20M in cap space. Can we sign a guy for $20.9M in that case? Or do we only have 20mil to sign a guy and once we sign someone then we get that 900k in cap space back.

grandma Helen:

I take it that you are referring to an “incomplete roster charge.” This charge only applies during the offseason and is for the rookie minimum. It goes away when you fill the roster spot, so the answer is $20.9M.