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Q&A with @MavsDraft: Getting to know Seth Curry

Get familiar with the Sixers’ new sharpshooter.

NBA: Playoffs-Los Angeles Clippers at Dallas Mavericks Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixers spent their short offseason remodeling their roster to better suit their franchise players: Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. One of the bigger moves was acquiring Seth Curry from the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for Josh Richardson and the 36th pick (which turned into Tyler Bey).

This move was met with excitement as the Sixers have lacked a reliable perimeter threat since JJ Redick’s departure. They’ve desperately needed a knockdown shooter for what feels like an eternity and got an affordable, great option. I recently ran a poll to see who fans were most excited to see from among the Sixers’ new additions:

The verdict: people are excited for Seth Curry.

We all know that Seth is a part of the Curry family, which means he can shoot the ball. However, I was curious to get a better feel for him as a player outside of his trademark skill. I contacted @MavsDraft — a very talented Mavericks writer that creates great content — for some Q&A in regards to one of the Sixers’ newest additions.

1. From the Mavericks’ point of view, what was your first reaction/initial thoughts of the Josh Richardson-Seth Curry trade?

@MavsDraft: My initial reaction to the trade was a bit of a roller coaster. At first I saw Josh Richardson was coming to Dallas, but that seemed like a potentially high price, so I worried Josh Green or Tyrell Terry was involved. When I saw it was Seth Curry, I was admittedly sad because of how seamless a fit he was off the bench. However, given the Mavs’ team needs and Rick Carlisle’s ability to maximize guys with similar skill-sets to Curry, I feel confident in the departure and opportunity cost.

2. What can Sixer fans expect from Curry outside of spacing the floor? In terms of shot creation, what can we expect? (Is it a reliable skill of his, etc?)

@MavsDraft: Curry is a pretty well-rounded offensive player, more than he gets credit for. Obviously an elite shooter from deep, he is able to shoots from all angles, but his ability to quickly hit jumpers after the pump fake makes him even more lethal. He’s also really good at finding cutters and has a nice runner that he uses near the rim. As a playmaker, he’s a capable ball-handler and runs a great pick & roll — something that helped him thrive in both stints in Dallas.

3. One of the main reasons Seth Curry didn’t immediately make the NBA was the fact he was described as a “SG trapped in a PG’s body”. Has his playmaking developed in any way?

@MavsDraft: Like I said above, Curry evolved in the pick & roll in his first year in Dallas in 2016, which ultimately was the trait that got him to stick in the NBA. He won’t often beat defenders in isolation, but he is incredible at taking advantage of someone else’s mismatch created. For example, when Luka lured defenses in and he passed to Curry forcing the defense to collapse, he knew how to make defenses pay, whether it be by shooting off the dribble or finding another open teammate.

4. The Eastern Conference is filled with athletic guards and wings that can pick on weaker defensive players with ease. What can we expect from Seth on the defensive end of the floor? Can he hold his own?

@MavsDraft: Defensively, Curry is vulnerable on-ball, but rotates well and is intelligent enough to not be a liability. He reads passing lanes really well and knows how to use his lack of strength to his advantage. I’m excited to see his defense under a more defensive-minded coach in Doc Rivers.

5. Does Seth play better on or off of ball? (Or does he do well in both?)

@MavsDraft: I think Seth is best as an off-ball player, but thrives at both. Seth can play off-ball full-time at an elite level, and can be a good lead ball-handler in moderation, mostly with bench units from his time in Dallas.

6. What will you miss the most about Seth leaving the Mavs?

@MavsDraft: His fit with Luka Doncic was almost perfect for what the Mavs could have asked for in a guard. He plays within his role, is elite at shooting, can handle the ball some, and isn’t a liability to be played off the floor. If you go back and watch the Detroit game in Mexico City, Curry showed every angle of what he was so good at in Dallas. With two trips in Dallas now completed, I’m skeptical of a third visit in Dallas. He’s one of the most beloved guys Dallas has had in the last 10 years, and is one of Rick Carlisle’s most successful reclamation projects. He’s a great person and should thrive in Philly.

I want to give a huge thank you to MavsDraft for answering these questions and giving great insight into Seth Curry. I encourage you all to check out his work on the Mavericks and the NBA Draft. You can find his work on, along with his podcast, available here.

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