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Let’s speculate: what are Allen Iverson, Ben Simmons and Sixers President Chris Heck hinting at?

Philadelphia 76ers v Washington Wizards Photo by Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images

As the NBA kicks into overdrive to plan and execute an offseason and season tip-off by December 22nd, members of the Sixers organization have been teasing us about what’s ahead. More specifically, Ben Simmons, Allen Iverson and Chris Heck, Sixers President, seem to dropping hints about what the Sixers city uniforms could look like this upcoming season.

Chris Heck oversees many aspects of the Sixers business operations, one of them being branding. That means Heck is tasked with thinking big picture about how the Sixers present themselves. So when it’s time for the Sixers to design an alternate jersey with a statement theme, you can bet Heck has a hand in that process. And that’s what makes a series of Heck’s recent tweets very interesting.

The first came on November 1st, when Heck recalled a promise he made to Ben Simmons in 2017.

Within two hours of publishing the above tweet, Heck changed his profile picture to the following photo of Allen Iverson:


The next day Heck again changed his profile picture, this time to a photo of Ben Simmons in last year’s NBA All-Star game:


To recap, Heck reminded the world of a deal he made with Ben Simmons to allow Ben to design a Sixers uniform. Shortly after, he draws attention to Allen Iverson wearing the early 2000’s black uniform. Finally, he pays homage to Ben Simmons in an all-black uniform.

A few days go by and no more hints. Until today.

This afternoon, Allen Iverson sent out his first tweet in over a month. The content? An all-black photo of Iverson himself with the caption, “Be on the lookout next week!!! @Sixers”.

Within 15 minutes of the above tweet, Ben Simmons pushed out the following from his personal account:

To tie it all together, Chris Heck quote tweeted the above with the hashtag #OnBrand.

So what can we formulate? I’d say its reasonable to surmise that the Sixers new city uniforms will be a play on the team’s unis from the Iverson era. With the emphasis created on the all-black uniform, that’s where my instincts go. However, our Harrison Grimm has a slightly different theory:

So, what do you think: will the Sixers go with a throwback jersey look as an alternate this season? If so, would you rather see the blue or the black?


Are you digging the early 2000’s jersey as an alternate?

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  • 71%
    If it’s the black one, sign me up.
    (869 votes)
  • 11%
    Only the blue.
    (138 votes)
  • 17%
    They moved on from these for a reason!
    (216 votes)
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