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Report: Proposed agreement in place between NBA and NBPA would facilitate December 22 season start

2020 NBA Finals - Game Three Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It’s weird to doom-scroll through the timeline these days and see NBA news pop up, but we just had some pretty important news drop via ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski regarding the start of the NBA season:

We had reports earlier today that the start date for the 2020-21 NBA season was down to December 22 or January 18, with the December date seeming “inevitable.” One of the key issues was the amount of escrow, with the NBPA offering 15 percent and the league proposing 25 percent; it would appear the 18 percent compromise was agreed upon by both parties. To clarify, that escrow money is withheld from players and given back later if the league meets revenue projections, something that is far more uncertain in a post-pandemic economic environment for the league.

Good work by the two sides to come together and come to an agreement. Believe it or not, we appear to be just over three weeks away from training camps beginning on December 1, and about six weeks away from the start of the season. The late-November free agency period is going to be crazy, but if any year has prepared us for a crazy period of time, it’s 2020.

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