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Uni Watch: Sixers relocating to “classier” city

Philadelphia 76ers President Chris Heck tells us about the team’s potential new cities and uniforms.

Last week, our interview* with Chris Heck caused a stir in Philadelphia, as some of his comments were perceived as being classist by Sixers fans. Today, Heck has returned to explain his comments and announce the team’s exciting new direction.

First, Heck addresses his comments and his subsequent apology:

“I made a mistake. And when you make a mistake you have to first apologize and then move on. I tweeted out my apology right away, and I moved on by deleting that tweet and blocking everyone who criticized me.”

In the spirit of moving on, Heck tells us about big changes coming for the organization.

“I wanted to change the culture of the city to better fit our classy organization. But it’s become clear that isn’t possible, so we’re changing directions — we will be moving the 76ers to a classier city that better suits our organization.”

Heck revealed to us the three cities the team is deciding between to become the “New Philadelphia”, as well as a potential uniform for each of the cities.

Scottsdale 76ers:

“We feel the city of Scottsdale would be a perfect fit for the 76ers. The uniform pays tribute to people who view basketball as a business and think golf is the greatest sport. If we moved to Scottsdale, we would be thrilled to start a new rivalry with the Phoenix Suns.”

Paris 76ers:

“We would be so excited to finally play in a city that takes pride in its art. We would carry the 76ers name to Paris to honor the role France played in the American revolution. To be perfectly honest, I hate this uniform.”

Gladwyne 76ers:

“Staying close to home and moving just outside the city is another great option. Finally, we would be able to ditch the lazy ‘blue-collar’ narrative. Everyone knows The Main Line is a huge source of pride for all Philadelphians, so we should have no issue keeping our current fanbase after this move. If we move to Gladwyne, we would switch our jersey sponsor to Polo Ralph Lauren to honor the uniforms worn at the many elite private schools in the area.”

*Uni Watch is not affiliated with Liberty Ballers.

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