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Open Thread: 2020 NBA Free Agency, Draft and Daryl Morey fan fiction

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Sixers still in need of point guard

The Philadelphia 76ers are having a strong offseason, nailing their draft and wisely sitting out of the NBA’s free agency spending spree (I’d give a kidney to Jerami Grant, but 3 years, $60 million? Yikes), so far only handing out a veteran minimum contract to Dwight Howard. Despite my enthusiasm for what Daryl Morey and Elton Brand have accomplished thus far, mostly undoing the mistakes Brand made last offseason, I regret to inform you that the Sixers still have a glaring need. The team still does not have a true point guard on the roster.

Grading the Sixers five draft night moves

Maxey might not be an immediate help, as he still has aspects of his game he needs to refine, such as shot selection and becoming a more manipulative, creative passer. However, when a guy who has the upside of a primary or secondary scoring option on a contending team falls all the way to 21, you take him. No questions asked. Just a perfect pick in every single way.

Talking Sixers draft with Spencer Pearlman

Pearlman: I’d probably give it an A- (maybe an A? This could be one of those 92.49 instances where if you round up, it’s a 92.5 and an A but if you don’t it’s an A-). Even though I would have taken Des with their first pick, taking Maxey is understandable given his fall a bit outside where he was projected to go and I still like his game a lot. Joe was a great value pick at 49, so that was just great. He just has to stay healthy and get a bit stronger, but if he does, he’ll be looked at as one of those “he shouldn’t have fallen” guys from this draft. Reed was another good value pick. He should have gone higher for sure, so taking him at the end of the second was great value. Work on the shot and the defensive consistency and that’s another steal.

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