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NBA Free Agency Open Thread

Can I interest anyone in a taxpayer mid-level exception?

2020 NBA Restart - All Access Practice Photo by Jim Poorten/NBAE via Getty Images

In this extremely condensed NBA offseason, major events are popping up on the calendar in a fast and furious fashion. Monday saw the opening of the league’s trade window, Wednesday brought us the NBA draft, and as of 6:00pm ET today, free agency begins. Although actual signings are not allowed until Sunday, negotiations can begin today and will be reported as if they’re already finalized. Prepare to be amazed at how parties are able to agree to terms within mere seconds of the negotiations period opening.

Thus far, Sixers fans and objective evaluators alike have been impressed with how Daryl Morey and the new-look Philadelphia front office have handled this offseason. The Sixers have the taxpayer mid-level exception (around $5.7 million) and veteran minimum contracts at their disposal within the free agency market. I covered some of the potential big men targets for the team this morning. We’ll see what else Morey has up in his sleeves.

It has been an exceedingly busy week for NBA news, one which I’m sure will continue this evening. Follow along with all the continued reports and rumors in the comments below.

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