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Final 2020 NBA Mock Draft Roundup: Sixers projected to go guard

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Kansas State v TCU Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The Athletic (Sam Vecenie)

Tyrell Terry, G, Stanford

Has a case as the best shooter in this draft class, and would certainly be in my top-five. Just absolutely elite off the catch. Hit at an absurd 75.0 effective field goal percentage. That means he made 50 percent of his catch-and-shoot 3s this year, which is a ridiculous number. He did so with NBA range, as well. Does so off of movement with ease. Can stop on a dime and run around off-ball screens to pop and make shots. Also can roll around ball-screens to fire. Off the dribble, good at firing off of one or two-dribble pull-ups. Great at the relocation pull-up 3 after a heavy closeout. Everything Terry does with his jumper is so smooth and easy. Terry’s 3.2 assists per game also underrate his passing ability a touch. He’s a really, really smart player who sees all of the open passes and plays in an extremely unselfish manner. He’s more than willing to throw passes that don’t necessarily lead to assists around the perimeter just to keep the offense fine-tuned and moving. Always hits the open man when that guy is available.

Bleacher Report (Jonathan Wasserman)

Desmond Bane, G, TCU

Teams have raved about Bane’s interviews, but his first-round case is still built around an attractive mix of shooting, passing and defensive IQ. The Sixers are interested, and they may not want to risk seeing if he’s there in the second.

CBS Sports (Gary Parrish)

Theo Maledon, G, France

The Sixers are no longer committed to playing Ben Simmons at point guard. That makes Theo Maledon a sensible option because he’s a skilled primary ball-handler with plenty of room to grow.

CBS Sports (Colin Ward-Henninger)

Tyrell Terry, G, Stanford

The 76ers need 3-point shooting and a secondary ball-handler. Terry checks both boxes with intriguing upside given his ability to shoot 3s off the dribble.

The Ringer (Kevin O’Connor)

Josh Green, G/F, Arizona

The Sixers could really use more wings, and Green stands out as an option because of his versatile defense and complementary offense.

Fits into any roster as a 3-and-D wing who understands his role as a shooter, slasher, and cutter.

Shades Of: Gary Harris, Danny Green, Mickael Pietrus

SB Nation (Ricky O’Donnell)

Projecting: Desmond Bane, G, TCU

“Would pick”: Aaron Nesmith, G, Vanderbilt

Why the 76ers would take [Bane]: The Sixers always need shooting and Bane is possibly the best shooter in this class. His ability to attack closeouts and make easy reads as a passer should also pair well with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. Philly found an impact rookie in another four-year college player Matissee Thybulle late in the first round last year, and Bane could pay similar dividends this season.

OUR PICK: Aaron Nesmith, G, Vanderbilt. Nesmith is possibly even more dynamic as a long-range shooter than Bane, but his game is also isn’t quite as multi-faceted. He would be a great fit in Philly but should be off the board long before this selection.

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