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The Gastroenteritis Blues: (16) Draft Preview with Jackson Frank | Out Now

2019 Powerade Jam Fest Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images for Powerade

It’s a big week on The Gastroenteritis Blues as the draft is upon us! First, Steve Dan and Emily discuss the Chris Heck kerfuffle that emerged from the Sixers’ unveiling of the new, back uniforms. They talk about the Lakers’ trade for Dennis Schroeder, Russell Westbrook wanting out of Houston and how that all impacts the Sixers.

Then Liberty Ballers and Fansided’s Jackson Frank joins the show to discuss Wednesday’s NBA draft. Jackson offers thoughts on: Desmond Bane, Tyrell Terry, Tyrese Maxey, Cole Anthony, Isaiah Joe, Grant Riller and more! Which draft prospects compare to Process Sixers? What does Jackson think of Pitt basketball? Who is he most certain will be a Sixer by the end of Wednesday night? It’s all here. Enjoy!


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