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No Particular Hurry: Episode 7 with The Athletic’s Rich Hofmann on the Pending Daryl Morey Hire | Out Now

Houston Rockets Introduce Russell Westbrook - Press Conference Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

On this episode of “No Particular Hurry” we get a former Liberty Baller! The Athletic’s superstar, Rich Hofmann, to weigh in on the state of the Sixers, and discuss the new report that they’re offering a 5 year deal to former Rockets’ GM, and former colleague of Sam Hinkie (!?!), Daryl Morey!

Was Daryl the puppet master behind the hirings of Doc Rivers, Peter Dinwiddie, and Prosper Karangwa? Or was this a perfectly Sixers unorthodox hire the most important person last move?

Is Elton Brand going to stay on? Might he be devastated with this hiring? Could it be awkward between him and Daryl once Daryl sees the cap sheet?

Is this a tacit mea culpa from Josh Harris and David Blitzer going back to Hinkie’s roots?

Jam packed with opinions from someone who knows the Sixers better than anyone else in the game.


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