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Christ Koumadje notches triple-double with 10 blocks for Delaware Blue Coats

Here’s something positive!

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Following the Sixers lately has not exactly been fun. The team is currently on a four-game losing streak, Joel Embiid is voicing his frustrations to the public, and worst of all, Matisse Thybulle has not played in the Sixers’ last six games. But good news comes from Wilmington.

Christ Koumadje, who the Sixers signed this past summer as an undrafted free agent out of Florida State, had a triple-double in this afternoon’s Delaware Blue Coats game against the Long Island Nets, supplementing his 12 points and 16 rebounds with 10 blocks.

The 10-block triple-double is somewhat of a rarity — for reference, it’s occurred 89 times total in the NBA’s history of 2,599 triple-doubles, per Basketball-Reference. (Though it’s not nearly as rare as the 10-steal triple-double, which has happened just 10 times ever and just once in which none of the triple-double categories included points. Leave your guess in the comments, no cheating.) Those who can claim the feat include some of the NBA’s greatest bigs of all time — Hakeem Olajuwon, David Robinson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Anthony Davis. What does this mean for Koumadje? That he’ll be a legendary NBA center, of course.

In all seriousness, while the term “triple-double” loses much of its zest when succeeded by the phrase “for the Delaware Blue Coats”, Koumadje has put up some impressive numbers with the Blue Coats. Using his 7’3”-build to his advantage, he leads the G League in blocks per game with 3.9 over 13 games. He’s also using his 24.7 minutes per game to contribute 10.7 points on 60.1% from the floor and rip down 10.1 boards.

Koumadje isn’t the Sixers’ only 2019 offseason pickup sitting atop a G League leader board. Marial Shayok, who the Sixers drafted 54th overall out of Iowa State, leads the G League in points per game with 24.7. He’s doing so while shooting 46.3% from the floor (20.2 FGA...!), 35.8% from three (7.6 3PA...!), and 89.5% from the line (2.6 FTA)*.

Extra trivia question: One Sixer ever has achieved a 10-block triple-double in an NBA game. Who was it?

*In the 10 minutes between when I first wrote Shayok’s numbers in this post and when I double-checked the stats during editing, his 3PT% dropped from 37.2% to 35.8%. I’m assuming the G League’s stats site entered just this afternoon’s stats. So, ya’know, small sample.

Listen to what Christ Koumadje had to say after his triple-double below.

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