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Another Ben Simmons shooting video hits the web

Not-at-all-grainy workout video season continues!

Philadelphia 76ers v Toronto Raptors - Game Two Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Training at the Samson Center in Atlanta (the same site of the recent Devin Booker open gym double team “controversy”), Ben Simmons showed he is still putting in work on his outside shot. A video posted last night features him hoisting in transition from what would be well beyond even an NBA 3, hitting a stepback from the corner, some iso pull-ups off the dribble, a couple mid-range fadeaways off the spin, and a mid-range pull-up going to his left off a screen. Watch for yourself:

Amazingly, if the videos we have seen recently are any indication, Simmons has yet to miss a shot this summer, a development which would do wonders for his offensive efficiency and gravity in real game action. Carefully edited social media aside, the form does look better, right? I’m not a shot doctor (and I don’t even play one on TV), but the whole shooting motion certainly looks smoother, even if the elbow is still at a funky angle. Progress? You can all make your own determinations on that front.

Nevertheless, I’ve long maintained that a simple willingness to put up shots in games would make a big difference for Ben, and I find it very unlikely that after a summer spent green-lighting these videos of his shot, he would go back to treating the perimeter area of his shot chart like it was hot lava during the season. We’ll check back in for the next edition of not-grainy-anymore workout video season. Fingers crossed for a spot-up 3 off the catch.

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