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Sixers and Bucks in Philadelphia on Christmas Day

Tis’ the season!!!

Boston Celtics v Philadelphia 76ers

Merry Christmas, Philadelphia 76ers fans. It is finally happening.

Last year, the Sixers spent Christmas Day in Boston taking on the Celtics (a 121-114 loss). The Christmas before that, they were in New York handing the Knicks a 105-98 loss. This year, to quote Danai Gurira in “Black Panther”: “We are home!”

The Sixers will welcome Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks to the Wells Fargo Center. It is the first home Christmas Day game for the Sixers that most of us can remember. This will be the 22nd Christmas Day game for the Sixers and only the sixth for the Bucks since the league started these games back in 1947.

This is a HUGE matchup for both of these teams as they are both favorites to win the Eastern Conference. The Sixers getting a home Christmas Day game is just another excuse to pull up everyone’s favorite Ric Bucher tweet:

(That Tweet will NEVER get old. It’s literally the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.)

Time and network for this game hasn’t been established, yet, but Sean O’Connor has a working theory:

“Toronto-Boston at noon, Sixers at 3, Lakers-Clips at 5:30, Dubs-Rockets at 8, Denver-NOLA at 10:30.”

No matter what time and on which network, the Sixers have a home Christmas Day game in 2019. To paraphrase “Die Hard” (the best Christmas movie ever made):

“Now, we have a Christmas Day game ... HO... HO... HO...”

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