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NBA News and Links: Patterson bought out by OKC, Melo looking for a farewell tour

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Detroit Pistons v Oklahoma City Thunder Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images

Patrick Patterson bought out by OKC, plans to sign with Clippers

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowksi, the Oklahoma City Thunder have bought forward Patrick Patterson out of his contract and Patterson now plans to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Patterson entered the NBA viewed as a prospect with some promising upside, but he’s never consistently showed anything more than being a role player. After a somewhat successful stint in Toronto, Patterson seemed like a steal of a free agency signing for OKC in the summer of 2017. But Patterson has been very underwhelming since joining the Thunder, so much so that they’ve decided to bite the bullet on the final year of PatPat’s contract. The Clippers are thin on bigs, maybe that alone will give Patterson an opportunity to contribute.

Carmelo Anthony looking for a farewell campaign

Carmelo Anthony is a free agent who does not want to retire from the NBA just yet. Unfortunately for the 35-year-old, 10-time All-Star, there do not seem to be any teams interested in his services. From Shams Charania of The Athletic:

League executives believe Anthony’s NBA future is in serious doubt. It has led to the question within the basketball community: Is this it for ‘Melo in the NBA?

Anywhere you look around, a pathway to a deal seems tough. Several of the league’s playoff-contending teams — such as Philadelphia, Denver, Golden State, Utah, Milwaukee, Boston, Brooklyn and Indiana — have proclaimed respect for Anthony’s career but have not pursued signing him and have essentially full rosters now. Then there are the perceived Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks, two possibilities, because of Anthony’s history and relationship with LeBron James and ties to the Knicks franchise.

The Lakers discussed the signing of Anthony last season and now have one roster spot open, but appear to be an unlikely option.


Elsewhere, team executives wonder whether Anthony could adapt to a full-time veteran role where he may not play in some games, and thrive on other nights depending on matchups. As one team personnel executive said: “‘Melo could fill a spot on most second units, but what kind of role works for both sides?”

This has been a theme with Melo for the last year or two: of course teams would like a scorer as talented as Melo on their bench, but he lacks the self-awareness to recreate himself for that kind of role and for the needs and desires of today’s NBA. (I’m also not sure Melo is really a ‘talented’ scorer these days anyway.)

Maybe Charlotte should sign him. Get some Melo truthers buying season tickets. What have they got to lose?

Jayson Tatum picking up PR lessons from Danny Ainge

If you follow the NBA closely, you’re likely familiar with a particular trend in the Boston Celtics front office: Danny Ainge is somehow always thiiiiis close to having pulled off the perfect move. BUT — the public never knows about it until after the opportunity has passed. “I didn’t do what it took to get this guy, but in case it turns out that I should of, all of you need to know: I really wanted him. I swear. Oh if he doesn’t end up working out for the team that did acquire him? Well that’s why I didn’t make the move. Are you impressed?”

Example: Celtics could’ve traded for Jimmy Butler, drafted Jaylen Brown instead

Once upon a time, the Celtics could have traded for Jimmy Butler, only they didn’t.

As the former All-Star appears to be at odds with the Timberwolves, it would appear that forgoing the opportunity is something Danny Ainge should be credited for.


At the time, Danny Ainge and his staff came under fire for seemingly letting an opportunity pass them by to add a player who had the perceived value of being a franchise-caliber cornerstone.

Today, Butler is a 29-year-old whose value has taken a hit, especially since he missed 23 games last season.


In the end, it’s interesting to consider that, had Ainge exercised poorer judgment, he may have ended up trading away the pick that led the club to Jaylen Brown.

And yes, in the end, the Celtics appear to have been made better by sitting this particular deal out.

What a coincidence, this information came to light just after the infamous Butler/Wolves practice fiasco.

So, the Celtics really, truly are always super close to acquiring a star but don’t as they staunchly refuse to trade one of their young guys, because they are so in love with their young core and their assets should be so highly valued that not even Paul George is worthy of trading for. Or... Ainge loves to retrospectively leak trade talks, as he remembers them...

And now, Jayson Tatum is picking up on these lame-ass media relations tactics. From Tim Bontemps of ESPN:

Jayson Tatum was supposed to be part of the reason why Kyrie Irving would decide to remain in Boston for the long term when he hit free agency this summer.

Instead, he says he wound up being a big reason why Kemba Walker chose to be Irving’s replacement as the star point guard of the Boston Celtics, thanks to a sales pitch he gave Walker during their time together in Paris earlier this summer as part of a Jordan Brand event.

“I’m very excited,” Tatum said. “I think I had a big part with him coming here. I was with him in Paris.

”I never told him to come, but I told him I would love for him to join the team and told him how it was. Obviously everybody has to do what’s best for themselves, and I’m happy for him.”

Wow still 19-years-old Jayson, that’s like, crazy. You were going to be the reason Kyrie Irving stayed in Boston, but now you’re the reason Kemba Walker came to Boston. They should call you the human magnet (except as it relates to Kyrie Irving).

Here’s to hindsight: thanks for always being 20/20.

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