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Sixers reportedly interested in a Kyle Korver reunion

Let’s party like it’s the mid-2000s

Utah Jazz v Chicago Bulls Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

After a flurry of moves in the opening days of free agency, the Sixers have largely finished completing their roster for the 2019-20 season. Elton Brand slated the team’s couple million dollars in remaining cap space to convert Shake Milton from a two-way contract to a four-year, NBA deal. Given that reality, Philadelphia has looked to finalize the roster with veterans on minimum deals, which has worked out well thus far. Kyle O’Quinn greatly bolsters the Sixers’ depth within the center rotation, and Raul Neto is a career 37.7 percent 3-point shooter and steady hand to run the second unit behind Ben Simmons.

However, the team is admittedly still short on knockdown shooters, especially in the wake of JJ Redick’s departure. Elton Brand may have a plan for that, though, per Woj:

The Suns recently acquired Korver as part of a larger salary cap-saving move. The veteran shooting guard is expected to be bought out, and judging from Wojnarowski’s list, is interested in joining a contender on a veteran minimum deal (reminder: the Sixers are a contender. Cool, huh?).

Replacing one of the best 3-point shooters of all-time in Redick with another one of the best 3-point shooters of all-time in Korver is not the worst idea. The Sixers need help spacing the floor, and Korver has shot 39 percent or better from 3 every season this decade, including 39.7 percent last season across stints with Cleveland and Utah. The fact that Korver spent his first five seasons with the Sixers from 2003-on would be an added bonus; I’m sure there are plenty of black Sixers’ Korver jerseys sitting in closets that would be happy to see the light of day.

Admittedly, Redick-to-Korver would be far from a one-for-one swap. Korver is a few years older than Redick, having turned 38 years old in March, and while always a smart, team defender, has seen his athleticism further deteriorate due to the whims of Father Time. Despite his difficulties with a switching scheme, Redick showed in the playoffs how he can still be an effective defender when locked onto his man off-ball; the Sixers would not get that with Korver.

Still, for a minimum deal as a 10th man or so off the bench, the Sixers could do far worse than the guy who once made the women of the Delaware Valley swoon as a young Ashton Kutcher double. Let’s hope Korver values a Philadelphia reunion above the bright lights of Hollywood or (something good about Milwaukee, cheese?).

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