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A Tobi and Bobi love song: a music cover of Lady Gaga’s “Shallow”

The NBA rumors are impossible to keep up with lately. One day Boban Marjanovic is saying “I should, almost 90% stay in Philadelphia.” The next day Joel Embiid is teasing Tobias Harris about coming back to Philly. But then we hear that Harris is taking meetings with other teams “on the coasts” and Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN says Philly has a lot of voices in their front office and no clear answers on what they want to do. Buckle up.

Well a few of us would really really love to see Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris remain with the Sixers. It would probably give the team as good of a big-four as anyone and they could devote their remaining bucks to wing players and of course, Tobi’s bff, Boban who was very effective against the Nets in the opening round of the playoffs.

Here is a very dramatic song, set to the epic duet by Lady Gaga called “Shallow” from A Star is Born; the one she performed famously with Philly native and huge Eagles fan, Bradley Cooper.

My brother and I changed the lyrics and Dan Berk at @danberkmusic on Instagram sang it.

The cover art for this piece, and within the video of Tobi and Bobi hoisting that “Larry O.B. Jawn” is by Liberty Ballers’ own resident Photoshop wiz, Matt del Rio. Definitely catch him on Twitter @mdelNBA. He designed and got that Mike Scott Hive tattoo you’ve heard about.

Without further ado, here’s our cover of Gaga’s original:

“Tobi and Bobi, Feelin’ Philly now”

Lyrics are below:


tell me something Tob

have you been happy travelin’ the globe

or do we need more?

I Hear bells ringing, kind I can’t ignore

They’ve been tanking

For Embiid, Simmons, Jimmy Boban and you

longing for rings

I want some cheesesteaks and to stay with this crew

Tell me something boban

You tryna hoist that Larry O.B. Jawn

Or do I need more?

LeBron called me said I could play point-four

but we can win here

stay as best friends and win rings too

hit up movie premiers

we kinda look fly in that red white and blue

We are true best friends, always high fivin

your feet barely leave the ground

Crash through the conference

Nobody can stop us

I say we RUN that s—t back

it’s the Tobi and bobi show

t-t-t-tobi and bobi show

t-t-t- tobi and bobi show

we’re feelin philly now!

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