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Highlights from Elton Brand and Josh Harris’ End-of-season Presser

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers-Press Conference Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Welp, I was planning on running a live blog of Josh Harris and Elton Brand’s presser this morning. However, the NBC Sports Philadelphia stream was not cooperating, so I could not watch it in real time. Alas, below is a collection of the most notable quotes from the session that I’ve pulled from Twitter (shout out to the hard working folks on the Philadelphia 76ers beat).

Josh Harris

#Sixers managing partner Josh Harris: ‘This season we had significant successes, but we’re disappointed we didn’t achieve our ultimate goal.’ — @TomMoorePhilly

“Brett’s job was never in jeopardy,” Joshua Harris says — @KyleNeubeck

Josh Harris said Brett Brown knew through the Toronto series that his job was not in jeopardy. — @PompeyOnSixers

“There was a lot of noise in the press.. probably kicked up by our competitors? Who knows.” — @Kevin_Kinkead

Joshua Harris on Brett Brown rumors:”Lots been made about this in the press, and truthfully, you can’t believe what you’re hearing.” “I have a great relationship with Brett.” — @jonjohnsonWIP

Harris says team intends to be financially responsible, but is willing to use resources to pursue title:

”I feel comfortable we’re committed to do what it takes to bring a championship to the City of Philadelphia.” — @brianseltzer

Harris insists team will be comfortable to go into the luxury tax to win.

Elton Brand tempers that, saying they have to spend wisely and not just spend into the tax for the sake of doing so — @KyleNeubeck

Elton Brand

Elton on Brett Brown:

”Brett should be commended, plus-50 wins, the culture he built, the adjustments he made. I am proud of the job he has done. He should be applauded.” — @brianseltzer

#Sixers GM Elton Brand: ‘We have a great group, a dynamic core. I look forward to being a GM for the first time going into free agency. ... I’m highly optimistic. I look forward to this offseason.’ — @TomMoorePhilly

“Brett should be commended.” “ I am proud of the job’s he’s done this season.” “He should be applauded.” - Elton Brand. — @jonjohnsonWIP

Brand says he would never ask Ben Simmons not to work with his brother during *his* time away from the court, but that organization is committed to putting as many people around Ben as it takes to succeed. Laying out plans for the summer right now — @KyleNeubeck

Elton on Simmons:

”He’s committed to getting better. His defense was elite this year. He’s only scratched the surface.” — @brianseltzer

Brand saying he was very pleased with Jimmy and Tobias:

”They played as expected, they brought a lot off the court and to the locker room.” — @brianseltzer

Brand has stated several times to different questions about roster construction that he’s excited to be the GM for the first time in the offseason. Easy to forget he has only been doing this since September — @KyleNeubeck

Elton Brand referred to as a beefy big who could help Joel with advice on health, fitness, etc.

Brand: “I wouldn’t call myself beefy” — @KyleNeubeck

Elton on Jo:

”He’s one of the top players in the world. Getting that taste of being so close is only going to fuel him. It’s a gift and a curse - you lose such a tough game, but they’re fueled and ready. [His] commitment to a championship is even greater.” — @brianseltzer

Elton is leaving today for Chicago for this week’s combine. Says team needs players “who can player, players who can add to our team now, defensive-oriented players,” guys who can space with shooting. — @brianseltzer

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