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Sixers Exit Interviews: A Live Blog of Notable Quotes

NBA: Playoffs-Philadelphia 76ers at Toronto Raptors Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The members of the Sixers’ roster is conducting their end-of-season interviews throughout the day. As I follow along, I’ll be updating this post as frequently as possible with the most notable quotes.

JJ Redick

JJ Redick says a combination of factors (money, winning, family, stability) will determine his future heading into free agency, but that this situation in Philadelphia is as good as it has been for him during his NBA career — @KyleNeubeck

“Obviously, I would love to be back...I’d love to finish my career here and all that. But you don’t know how it’s going to play out,” Redick says — @KyleNeubeck

Amir Johnson

Amir Johnson got back early this morning and rewatched Game 7.

“I feel like guys should just be more hungry, more motivated to get better. I’m pretty sure our guys have that mindset.” — @BrianSeltzer

Furkan Korkmaz

Furkan Korkmaz says he has been proud to be here and that he doesn’t feel like he has been a member of an organization, but a “basketball culture” — @KyleNeubeck

“It was a tough season for me.. I was the first player to ask to get traded and then 6 or 7 players were traded but I’m still here” Furkan Korkmaz on his season. — @JBlevinsPFO

Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler says he hasn’t thought much about free agency and that he has to sit down and talk to his inner circle before he can move forward on that — @KyleNeubeck

Jimmy Butler was just asked about Brett Brown and described his relationship as “constantly growing,” and interestingly finished his statement with, “I think he’s going to be here for a long time.” — @rich_hofmann

Butler: “What hurts more than the loss is we had a great group of guys who ride for one think that this roster may not be the exact same next year, that’s what really hurts.” — @KyleNeubeck

Jimmy Butler:

“We couldn’t be the players we are without the fans. The journey’s been amazing. I’m very appreciative [of the support].” — @BrianSeltzer

Joel Embiid

Embiid on the Brett Brown rumors: “I thought it was bullshit. He’s done a fantastic job.” — @rich_hofmann

Embiid continued: “I don’t think he should have anything to worry about. Amazing coach, better person, and obviously I got a lot of love for him. If there was someone to blame, put it all on me.” — @KyleNeubeck

“I want them here, they’ve done such a great job, and the best thing about them is they’re great guys on and off the court,” Embiid says of Butler/Harris. Says he won’t begrudge them no matter the decision but feels they have unfinished business — @KyleNeubeck

Joel Embiid “I didn’t plan on my offseason being this long, but now that it is, I have plenty of time” to manage his tendonitis while working to improve his game over the summer. Wants to become a “more complete NBA player” — @JBlevinsPFO

Quite an exit interview availability for Joel Embiid. Said that he needs to become a more complete player, offers a strong defense of Brown, wants Jimmy and Tobias back, says that he loves when people doubt him and knows that they can do a better job of managing his workload. — @rich_hofmann

Couple more from Jo:

Calls Ben “my brother.”

Said ending to season is tough, but he’s “excited” to work hard and get it right.

Describes Jimmy and Tobias as the type of guys “you want by your side.” — @BrianSeltzer

Embiid: “I take it all, you can put this loss on me, you can put it all on me. Don’t just put it on the coach or anybody else...I love when you guys or anybody else talk shit, I see it all.” — @KyleNeubeck

Jonah Bolden

Jonah Bolden believes physical development is key to offseason:

“I see myself as a stretch four slash five with the ability to shoot the ball. Preparing for that is being in physical shape and working on things to add to that.” — @BrianSeltzer

James Ennis III

James Ennis says he has developed a really good relationship with Ben Simmons on and off the court, and was convinced by Simmons to buy a specific breed of dog by his younger teammate — @KyleNeubeck

James Ennis calls Brett Brown a “great coach” and says he thinks he’ll be here for a long time. — @NoahLevick

Tobias Harris

“Style of play is a huge thing. Culture, a chance to be able to win,” Harris says of some of his free agency priorities. “But I haven’t given much thought to that.” — @KyleNeubeck

Boban Marjanovic

Boban: “I really enjoy being one of the fans’ favorites. … When I hear [the fans], your blood gets warmer and you’re in the game and ready to go.” — @NoahLevick

“Great coach, amazing coach, amazing person...he get my heart, I get a lot of great opportunity here. Only the best words I can say about him,” Boban says of Brett Brown — @KyleNeubeck

Mike Scott

Mike Scott says he spoke with Brand and Brown and told them he would like to be back playing under Brown again next season, but will obviously depend on business, etc. Says coming to Philly gave him a jolt, felt like he was “ass” in L.A. — @KyleNeubeck

Scott: “I loved the Mike Scott hive, that was pretty dope.” — @KyleNeubeck

As he exits the podium, Scott stops, leans into the mic and goes, “I ain’t no bitch” and scurries off — @KyleNeubeck

Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons says the opportunity Brett Brown gave him to be a point guard at this level was not something many coaches would do, talks about the relationship he has had with him through his dad and knowing him for so long. “I got a lot of love for Coach Brown” — @KyleNeubeck

Ben Simmons said the one thing he got a lot better at this season was his leadership.

He said he was more assertive and figured out how to talk to different guys, and that he learned a lot from Jimmy Butler about leadership. — @NoahLevick

Ben Simmons said he plans to improve his jumper through “repetition.” He said the overall emphasis for him is on being more aggressive.

When asked if he’ll have an expanded game in training camp, he said, “yes.” — @NoahLevick

Simmons: “You have to start thinking about next year, [the Toronto series] is over...I take my few days break, whatever it is, get back in the gym” — @KyleNeubeck

Simmons says he would blame “everybody” for their playoff loss. Turnovers, missed shots, etc. “Coach doesn’t have a jersey on.” — @KyleNeubeck

Simmons says relationship with Embiid continues to grow over time, and it’s hard not to respect someone when you see how hard Embiid works every day. “You see him after Game 7 it’s hard, you go through a whole season with that guy, blood sweat and tears” — @KyleNeubeck

Zhaire Smith

Zhaire Smith says that he wants to and expects to play in summer league.

”To see if I still got it,” he says with a smile. — @rich_hofmann

Zhaire Smith asked about watching Kawhi Leonard in this series and whether that’s a level he wants to aspire to. Smiles and jokes, “I feel like I’ll probably be better than him. Or I’m gonna try.” — @KyleNeubeck

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