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35 people we need to see ring the bell at the Sixers game

The Sixers have at least two more home playoff games this season, meaning there will be at least two more Bell Ringers. These 35 famous Sixers fans would be excellent options as first-timers.

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The Sixers’ tradition of having someone ring the ceremonial bell before home games has become a big deal. It gets the crowd fired up, and there’s usually a bigger guest for bigger games.

While the Sixers have brought out many exciting celebrities before games over the last few seasons, there are still plenty of people who haven’t rung the bell who would be great choices.

Check out my list, and let me know what you agree and disagree with in the comments.

35: Kyle Brandt

This says it all.

34, 33: Beanie Sigel and Freeway

Both rappers are from Philly. Both were shouted out in the chorus of Jay-Z’s Takeover. Roc the Mic and What We Do are both great songs, on which both of them appear. Let’s do it.

32: Merrill Reese

Merrill has been calling Eagles games on the radio for over 40 years. He’s a Philly sports legend. I need him ringing that bell.

31: P!nk

P!nk is from Bucks County, she’s had a pretty awesome career, and most importantly (I can’t stress this part enough), it would be a huge mistake to pass on an excuse to play Get the Party Started in the year 2019.

30, 29: Bradley Cooper and Kevin Bacon

Did you know these two are fishing buddies with the Sixers? That seems like something everyone should know. Anyway, they’re both locally born famous actors, and Cooper is a huge Eagles fan in both movies and real life.

28: Fran Dunphy

Fran got a raw deal on the way out at Temple. Aaron McKie is great, but Fran didn’t want to retire. Instead, the school told him he’d only coach one more season. Dunphy previously coached at Penn, and ringing the bell would allow the Philly coaching legend to leave on a positive note.

27: Rhys Hoskins

Rhys having not rung the bell is just sad at this point. He goes to the games with Bryce Harper and Carson Wentz, both of whom have done it. Please, Sixers, let Rhys do it before he gets sad about it.

26, 25: DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

Will Smith would probably be able to arrange this considering he owns a stake in the team.

24: Lil Uzi Vert

The Philadelphia native is busy lately, having retired and unretired from rap all in the past three months. But he still manages to find time to get down to Sixers games and support the home team, and they should have him ring the bell.

23: Fletcher Cox

Super Bowl Champion. Four-time Pro Bowler. Heart of the Eagles defense. Bring Fletch out.

22: Alan Horwitz

Horwitz is the white haired man who sits courtside at every Sixers game. He has become friends with the players. He yelled at Kobe Bryant. He traveled to Toronto and held up a 76ers flag after every positive play for the entire game. It was hilarious. So what are the Sixers waiting for? Have this dude ring the bell.

21: Tina Fey

The person who wrote Mean Girls is from Delaware County and the Sixers haven’t bothered to bring her in to ring the bell yet. What’s the hold up?

20: Chu Chu Maduabum

The Sixers traded Chu Chu’s draft rights years ago, but he’ll be Philly forever. He played for Liberty Ballers in The Basketball Tournament. He wore a shirt made by Max Rappaport and Jim Adair that posed the question “Who the f— is Chu Chu Maduabum?” The dude is a Process legend and absolutely needs to ring the bell.

19: Cre’Von LeBlanc

I had never heard of LeBlanc before the Eagles signed him. I heard him referred to as “Matt LeBlanc” and “Creveon Bell” on sports talk radio when he joined the roster. And then he went out at the end of the regular season and the playoffs and was the best cornerback the Eagles have had in years. Please ring the bell, Strap.

18: Dawn Staley

Staley is an Olympic gold medal winner, a Hall of Fame basketball player, and an NCAA champion. If that doesn’t qualify you to ring that bell, then I don’t know what does.

17, 16: Jimmy and Dei Lynam

The Lynams are an awesome Philadelphia basketball family. Jim Lynam coached the St. Joseph’s men and the Sixers, and now he’s an analyst on NBC Sports Philadelphia. He also has the best Philly “O” I’ve ever heard in my life.

Dei Lynam is a really knowledgeable reporter who has been involved in Philly sports media for years. Bring them out to ring the bell.

15, 14: Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone

I don’t think anyone needs to be convinced that Rocky Balboa and Adonis Creed should ring the bell.

13, 12: Spike Eskin and Mike Levin

Spike and Mike do so much for Sixers fans. The Rights to Ricky Sanchez podcast rallied fans when the team was at its worst. They lead hundreds of fans on annual road trips to cheer on the Sixers. They organize the NBA Draft Lottery party every year. Also, Mike used to run Liberty Ballers! This won’t happen (Spike runs WIP and Sixers games are on The Fanatic), but it would be really cool if it did.

11, 10: Questlove and Black Thought

I didn’t feel like listing the names of all of The Roots, but the Sixers should bring in every member of The Roots to ring the bell together. They’re from Philly, they’re super talented, and they put up with Jimmy Fallon on a nightly basis. Very impressive stuff.

9, 8, 7, 6, 5: The stars of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The five main characters are played by Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, Kaitlin Olsen, and Danny DeVito. While only Rob is from Philly, the show is based there, and it’s one of the funniest shows on television. Bringing in that whole group to ring the bell would be tons of fun to see, especially since they’re the ones who cracked the real Liberty Bell.

4: Tony Wroten

Tony “Wrecking Ball” Wroten is one of my favorite Sixers of all time. He was the most exciting player on the Process Sixers, and it’s a bummer he never found a spot in the league. Some day I will tell my grandkids about how Tony Wroten could’ve been better then LeBron James if he could only make a layup. Then, I’ll show them a video of him ringing the bell.

3: Jim Gardner

Gardner has been with Action News for over 40 years. Their theme song was the first song I ever knew, and if you get your local news from anywhere else you’re crazy. Let Jim ring the bell!

2: Brian Dawkins

This definitely does not need an explanation. No one knows how to fire up a Philly crowd like Dawk does.

1: Sam Hinkie

This will never, ever happen. But it should. We owe our current success to Sam. His face is on a strangely high percentage of my T-shirts. Without a doubt, Hinkie ringing the bell would be the most exciting pre-game ceremony I’ve ever seen.

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