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The 2019 Process Madness Tournament: Declaring a Winner!

A champion is crowned

The first official Process Madness Tournament is over and we have a definitive winner! The top overall seeded Joel Embiid has taken home the crown, defeating “Dario Saric will never come over and play in the NBA” by a final score of 274 votes to 83 votes. Now that Embiid has been declared the winner let’s take a look back at some of Embiid's best moments.

1) Joel Embiid dunks on Russell Westbrook

2) Embiid’s monster game against the Los Angeles Lakers

3) Joel Embiid celebrates the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl win

Now obviously these are only a select few moments because if we picked every single one this post would be never ending. So now it is up to you readers, celebrate the first ever Process Champion by sharing your favorite Joel Embiid moments in the comment section!

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