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Dispatches From The Keyboard Vol 3: Shooting Efficiency Surfaces and Comparative Shot Charts

How did the Sixers do in terms of efficiency comparing Games 1 and 2 to the regular season?

NBA: Playoffs-Brooklyn Nets at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


Quite simply, I wanted to compare Game 1 and 2 versus the regular season. The metrics I chose were field goal attempt density, field goal percentage, and points per shot (offense and defense). Obviously a single game is not always a valuable data point, but I forged on nonetheless.


So What?

1) Red/Orange indicates more or better in the regular season.

2) Blue/Purple indicates more or better in the specific postseason game.

3) The smaller sample sizes of one game compared to a full season can create a few wonky extreme results.

4) The first figure pretty much shows that making shots is better than not - it's intentionally an oversimplified statement, but the "make or miss league" idea isn't totally wrong.

5) In broad strokes, the Sixers' defense appeared similar across both games, but the offense was markedly different.

6) If you have questions, ask in the comments below.

Bonus Content

Based on a quick chat with Hero of Canton below in the comments, here are a few more surface type charts.

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