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The Sixers lost to the Rockets

Yes, the Sixers lost to the Rockets

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Houston Rockets Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixers lost to the Rockets on Friday.


I’ve been told by my editors that I can’t just have a one sentence recap, so I guess we have to talk about how the Sixers lost to the Rockets on Friday.

Joel Embiid missed Friday’s game, and that meant the Sixers, who were playing their third game in four nights, were taking on the NBA’s hottest team and were not going to win. I completely understand the whole logic of anyone can win any night, but this was about as much of a schedule loss as you can get.

Still, you’d think it might have still been a competitive game at points, right? But aside from cutting the lead down to low double-digits after the half, Philadelphia looked lost much of the night. Missing open 3s. Turning the ball over. Letting Houston get to any spot they wanted on the floor.

The score of the game was 107-91, but the lead hovered closer to 20 for most of the second half.

I thought about putting all of these paragraphs in a seemingly random order as a way of mimicking the sloppiness that was on display on the basketball court tonight, but I decided not to do that since that would also require me to think about this game for even longer.

The Sixers shot 12 percent from three. Tobias Harris made two. J.J. Redick made one (and missed eight). Ben Simmons did not attempt a 3, and after it looked like maybe he might start doing that more, he’s gone five games without an attempt.

You know what, though? It happens. You lose to teams as good as Houston when your most important player is out. You have cold shooting nights. James Harden goes off on you, because James Harden goes off on everyone.

It would all feel a lot better if this team had beaten the Bulls on Wednesday. Instead, you move to 4-4 since the All-Star break and face the Pacers on Sunday in a game that’s almost a must-win in the race for the three seed. Maybe Joel Embiid will be back for that one.

(Oh, yeah, Justin Patton made his first field goal as a Sixer! I am very happy for Justin Patton!)

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