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Postgame Quotes from Sixers vs. Nets

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Philadelphia 76ers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Brett Brown

On if tonight was a good first step toward building their identity…

Yeah, I think so. We talked candidly, like who are we? And how do I make sure I help us be what you guys want to be? We all understand what our mission is and we do not have the history, then I said the Warriors and I mean like the Celtics as well. Like there’s a history there that maybe they can click their heels and all of a sudden, oh it’s playoffs and take off. They have the ability to do that. I just feel like we need to experience more time together playing well and understand what playing well looks like. Yes, to your question. I think this does a lot in relation to our defense, especially. If you look at our defense on D’Angelo [Russell] and Spencer [Dinwiddie], I thought we did a good job. I think we all should be reminded they came off a ridiculously difficult west coast road trip, you know. I think they had six or seven games and flew back. They’re a good team. Even as I’m getting ready to take out our starters and the kid hits the three, you know, you’re reminded of D’Angelo Russell having, what was it 25, at Sacramento and bam. Their team does have the ability to claw back leads quickly. But, I think tonight was a defensive-minded effort and I think it is something that we can grow from.

On how they were able to blitz Spencer Dinwiddie and D’Angelo Russell tonight…

I mean, the three-point shot is always where I go to with a lot of things, how do you defend the three-point line? Right now, we are the No. 1 team in the NBA defending the three-point line. We’ve worked hard to do that. At times it comes with pain, on the pressure that you apply. You know like you can get driven on and stuff happens after that. And so, I go to there, like if you look at their three-point attempts, which is a decent place for me to start. And then, they didn’t make many when they did shoot the few that they shot. I go there, especially with this team. They are well-coached. I think that they run a pick-and-roll as well as anybody in the NBA. They space you and they got, you know players that can put it to the floor and break you down 1-on-1; ISO situations or run a pick-and=roll. I thought we did a pretty good job guarding those two tonight.

On if there’s a point leading up to the postseason where he feels playoffs…

I feel it coming a while ago, I really do. I think that the sort of lock something down mentality that I have, where you try to go, I mean slow sounds like it’s a negative, to try to just go with patience and poise and have clarity and you understand what’s coming. You’re not, you know sped up. I think it’s important for our players to think the same thing, you know like we want to just, not too high, not too low. Understand what we’re good at. Own what we need to improve on and get ready to go, but I think it comes with sort of a balanced perspective and not one like- you know, we were back as kids and summer’s here. Like and you just sprint out of school and like here we go. I don’t want that. For myself, to your question, I felt this for a while.

Boban Marjanovic

On holding the lead…

It’s an NBA game, you know, you can never relax in it. You can never relax in none of the minutes on the clock, you’re just playing like you can never relax. Because we start a game so good and after that they come back. You know, we just have to play much tougher. I think it was a high game to play because we already came from two lost games and it’s finally home, play a game home and take the win.

On his feelings facing smaller Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

No, I’m more excited to be honest because I know my height advantage and it’s more exciting to see how he would try to defend me, and not just me, other guy, Joel too, it was fun to play.

On how much the Nets challenged him and Joel at the rim…

Yeah, to be honest yes, in this game, if you play against them, it’s like now we know what to do and I guess it won’t be easy next game to finish under the rim.

Joel Embiid

On the focus for playoffs…

Obviously there’s still a lot to learn with all of us, but we’re fine. We’re playing better. In the last few games, obviously we didn’t play well, mainly because of the defensive end, but it’s fine. When we move the ball and we put the ball in the right people [hands], I think it’s fine.

On his feelings toward playoffs….

I’m excited. Honestly, I don’t care who we play. I’m excited. It’s going to be my second postseason. Last year I had the mask and wasn’t feeling well, I was out of shape, but this playoff I’m coming in better shape and I don’t have the mask to hate, so he’s definitely going to be a different story.

On Billy Lange being named head coach for Saint Joseph’s University Men’s Basketball team…

I’m so happy for him. He’s like family to me. He’s been here since I’ve gotten here. We’ve built a special relationship. I’m really close to his whole family, kids, his wife, they’re great people. We sometimes spend time together and then some other times we go to church, so we’ve grown closer the past four, five years. So I’m extremely happy for him, that’s big time. I told him that I’m definitely going to go check him out whenever I have time.

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