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Sexers Week 8/9 Power Rankings

After a long holiday of basketball, let’s recap the last TWO weeks of Sexers basketball

Apologies for the delay, the holidays are busy, but now we have two full weeks of basketball to sift through to find some sexy stuff.

Personally, I have made an astounding breakthrough on a winning formula for Sixers wins. Over the last seven games, the Sixers are 3-4 with their last two losses coming by just one point in each game. In their three consecutive wins, they posted 120+ points. After hours in my hometown basement stretching thread across thumbtacks with pictures of Steve Nash and James Harden on the wall, I have concluded that scoring more points than other teams is the way to win. The 125 points against the Wizards/Pistons and the 121 points against the Bucks in three consecutive games and shooting ~40 percent from three on ~31 attempts in those three games seems to... work. Fire those threes, baby.

Sexer #1: Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid has been on a somewhat bonkers run as of late.

39 percent from three on five attempts and 93 percent from the line on 6.4 attempts per game. His free throws are down by almost two attempts per game from last season, but making 83 percent of them is a career-high. And most importantly, he looks a little happier!!

Hitting the Jimmy Butler step-back ON Jimmy Butler IN Miami. Joel Embiid plays on the Philadelphia 76ers.

Joel was also included in Charles Barkley’s All Star team, which is hot enough to melt steel and impregnate anyone who glances in their general direction.

To absolutely NO ONE’s surprise, Joel Embiid is more fun to watch when he smiiiiiiiles and plays with the swagger that encapsulates and inspires the city of Philadelphia.

Sexer #2: Ben Simmons

14.6 points | 8 rebounds | 10.6 | 2.7 steals

That’s what Ben Simmons has done over the last seven games.

He hasn’t, at all, come even close to living up to Brett Brown’s expectations of at least one three a game. But at least I guess he’s doing basically everything else besides shooting threes and drawing fouls.

He set a career-high in assists against the Pistons with a mind boggling 17 dimes ($1.70).

He left the Forever Sixer Ersan Ilyasova in the dust as he was gearing up for one of his famous charges.

He also combined with Josh Richardson for one of the craziest late game put-backs I’ve ever seen.

Sexer #3: Josh Richardson

In his last three games, Richardson is shooting 47 percent from three on 5.7 attempts! This clip featured a 4-11 showing against Milwaukee and a 3-5 showing against Miami.



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Sexer #4: Tobias Harris

Tobias Harris bounced back from his season-low seven points against the Mavs to a season-high just two games later, dropping 35 points on 4-7 from deep against the Pistons. It seems like I say this every week, but Harris is looking more and more comfy in the role the Sixers needed him in. It’s no small role, either. Harris has been an iron man, playing 34 minutes per game, trailing Simmons by one. The $180 million man has lived up to his promise to be a more capable defender, posting a +1.38 DPIPM, trailing only Joel (+2.63) and Al Horford (+1.97).

On the season, Harris is posting 19.7/6.7/3.1 and his three-point percentage is creeeeeepin up to normal. Now 34 percent on the season, still hampered by the dreadful start from distance. Excluding Harris’ first 11 games, he is shooting 39.8 percent from three (his 0-4 showing against Miami bumped him down below 40 percent).

Other Sexers Things

Trey Burke did some stuff and seems to be outplaying Raul Neto for the backup point guard spot. Burke has had some solid outings lately, dropping 12/5/2 against the Mavs on 5-6 shooting from the field, and 11/3/4 against the Heat in 22 minutes.

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