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Al Horford to receive rest day tomorrow

The load management begins...

Charlotte Hornets v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

Between suffering a sprained ankle and receiving a two-game suspension for fighting-plus-trolling, Sixers starting center Joel Embiid has sat three of the team’s first nine games, a load management scheme of sorts that happened organically. Philadelphia has another All-Star center on the roster in need of the occasional rest day, though, and Al Horford will miss his first game of the season tomorrow night against the Cavaliers.

The Sixers are entering their first back-to-back of the season, facing the Magic Wednesday night in Orlando, so it’s a natural spot to give Big Al a breather. Don’t be surprised if Joel is given the night off for the second leg down in Florida. The 33-year-old Horford is averaging 31.4 minutes per game, up a bit from his 29.0-minutes-per-game mark last season with Boston, so the team is right not to push him too hard.

As has been repeated ad nauseam in regard to Embiid, what’s of paramount importance for this team is remaining healthy heading into the postseason. This decision for tomorrow night’s game against Cleveland shows the organization is committed to seeing that plan through to fruition.

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