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The Sixers’ statement on the ejection of two fans from the preseason opener

Sam Wachs | @gogowachs

The Philadelphia 76ers and the Wells Fargo Center have released a statement in response to the ejection of two fans holding “Free Hong Kong” signs at last night’s game:


The Wells Fargo Center’s event staff is responsible for the security and comfort of all guests at arena events, including 76ers games. At last evening’s game, following multiple complaints from guests and verbal confrontations with others in attendance, two individuals were warned by Wells Fargo Center staff about their continuing disruption of the fan experience. Ultimately, the decision was made by Wells Fargo Center personnel to remove the guests from the premises, which was accomplished without incident.


During the second quarter of last night’s 76ers game, Wells Fargo Center security responded to a situation that was disrupting the live event experience for our guests. After three separate warnings, the two individuals were escorted out of the arena without incident. The security team employed respectful and standard operating procedures.

This statement is reasonable enough on its face.

For reference, below is the Wells Fargo Center’s policy on signs:

The Wells Fargo Center welcomes guests bringing small signs inside the building to show fan support during events. The following guidelines relate to these items:

- No larger than 14”x14”

- May not be attached to stick/pole

- Signs must not be constructed of or contain plastic, wood, metal, glass or any material that can be used as a weapon

- Signs must be in good taste, and appropriate for the event.

- This policy is subject to change based on The Wells Fargo Center management’s discretion and without notice

The key clause: “Signs must be in good taste, and appropriate for the event.”

I’ll have more thoughts on this situation, but I think its only fair to establish the Sixers’ perspective on the incident.

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