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Sixers drop final preseason game to the Wizards

NBA: Preseason-Washington Wizards at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia 76ers lost their final preseason game, falling to the Washington Wizards 112-93.

Box Score

Philadelphia 76ers


Post Game Quotes

Brett Brown

On whether or not he was surprised by tonight’s performance…

I was surprised that we were as poor as we were tonight. I give them [Washington] credit. I thought they played very well and I thought that we didn’t come out with a lot of energy. We looked like we played in several preseason games, but I was surprised that we came out the way we did.

The attention to the three-point ball was a part of it. There were some inappropriate helps and players not understanding who they were leaving. In the first half, I think there were some transition errors when it came to running back and identifying shooters. Some of the pick-and-roll coverages we struggled with. If you were to point to what part of the game disturbed me the most, it would be the three-point shot.

On his team having shooters and if there are any concerns with the shooting…

I stand by my comment earlier where I think that we have better shooters than the marketplace believes. Those comments, my comments, aren’t well-supported when you look at the preseason, but I do think that and I still think that. It’s stuff that we need to believe in and we can’t shy away from it. We won’t shy away from that. I think that the attention that we have given to offensive rebounding may help ease some of those misses if we do what we hope to do from that perspective. I believe that we are better shooters than we have shown in the preseason.

On how coach plans to handle to practice leading up to Boston…

I think we inch it up. I don’t see us rationing back anything, in my opinion. Tomorrow we will take care of bodies and Sunday we will come in and have our seventh annual family day. All the families come into the facility, from moms and dads, to wives and kids. We look forward to that and we will have a good session on Sunday and have a spirited group together at our facility. Incrementally, we will start getting ready for the Celtics.

On whether this loss catches the attention of the team…

I don’t think the group needs their attention grabbed. I don’t believe that something like this shakes people up. We have had their attention and they have had each other’s attention in a tremendous camp. I’m very proud of what they’ve done in camp. As I’ve to the group, camp is finished and Sunday we begin in getting ready for our first NBA game. I don’t really see anything like that with the group. The group is great and they have had a prideful, competitive and physical camp.

Zhaire Smith

On takeaways from his performance tonight…

Just me—by watching the game—I just look [at] the mistakes from the [team]. It was just transition defense, just little mistakes. So I just take all that in. And when I go in, I try not to make those mistakes.

On the mood in the locker room after the game…

We feel like we’re a championship-caliber team, so we all need to pick it up. We’re just mad about the loss, but it’s all good. Preseason. We’ll learn from it and get ready for the regular season.

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