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Liberty Ballers Schuylkill Riverboat Casino

Win and lose all sorts of fake money with our in house sportsbook

Tourism Continues to Drive Las Vegas Economy Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

With the NBA on the frontlines of legalized sports gambling, it only makes sense that Liberty Ballers joins in on the action as well. The following are some bets that our in-house sportsbook has offered. LB staff will provide commentary and will also show how they’re betting their 1,000,000 Liberty Ballers Bucks. Unless specified otherwise, all bets are for the 82 game regular season only and pay out on both sides at -110. All stats must be accrued while on the Sixers roster to count towards any totals.

Records will be kept via a Google Form that must be filled out by 10/23. Participate for glory and to shame those worse than you. I will not be participating as I (the casino) aim to make all of you lose.

Ben Simmons three pointers made (-1.5) over Knicks wins

Kevin Love: Knicks

Steve Lipman: Knicks (100,000)

Dan Volpone: Knicks (450,000)

Kevin Rice: Knicks (25,000)

Tyler Monahan: Knicks (100,000)

Sean Kennedy: Knicks (250,000)

I think Ben Simmons will hit some 3s this season. I do. I just don’t think there will be enough situations where the halftime clock is running down and the entire arena is imploring him to shoot for him to reach the 20-30 3-pointers he would need for that side of the wager to hit. If I’m wrong, then he’s dominating the league and I’ll happily lose a few Liberty Bucks.

Dave Early: Knicks (1,000,000)

I wanted to maximize the profits here and didn’t want to distribute and have to hit a few close calls to profit LB bucks.

I had an eye on Simmons’ triple doubles over Al Horford double-doubles. But Ben gets about 12 of them per season and Al had 10 double-doubles last year. Plus Al seems to fill up the box score more at the four than the five.

So I’m going drop the full bag on the Knicks here. They fell into the trap that Sam Hinkie was once too cunning to fall into, and that’s spending a pile of money on mid-market vets. It won’t improve their 2020 draft pick that they have Julius Randle, Marcus Morris and Bobby Portis. And after Enes Kanter called them out for tanking last year, I don’t think they have the spine or desire for another tank. I think they care more about winning a few positive headlines than they do the upcoming draft. The Knicks should win between 27-35 games. And I just don’t think Simmons hits that many deep-balls this year. Hope I’m wrong. (Unless LB Bucks are the next Bitcoin).

Casino Note: God the Knicks are a trash fire

Matisse Thybulle blocks + steals (-15.5) over Zhaire Smith three pointers made + dunks

Steve Lipman: Thybulle (100,000)

Dan Volpone: Thybulle (50,000)

Kevin Rice: Smith (25,000)

Casino Note: Of course Kevin picks Smith.

Tyler Monahan: Thybulle (50,000)

Sean Kennedy: Smith (0)

Dave Early: Thybulle (0)

Ben Simmons triple doubles (-2) over Al Horford double doubles

Steve Lipman: Horford (100,000)

Dan Volpone: Simmons (50,000)

Kevin Rice: Simmons (25,000)

Tyler Monahan: Horford (100,000)

Sean Kennedy: Simmons (0)

Dave Early: Simmons (0)

Joel Embiid field goal percentage (-3.5) over Joel Embiid high single game score

Steve Lipman: Score (100,000)

Dan Volpone: Percentage (50,000)

Kevin Rice: Score (500,000)

Tyler Monahan: Percentage (250,000)

Sean Kennedy: Percentage (0)

Dave Early: Percentage (0)

Josh Richardson three points attempted per game (-1) over Zion Williamson dunks per game

Steve Lipman: Richardson (100,000)

Dan Volpone: Richardson (50,000)

Kevin Rice: Williamson (25,000)

Tyler Monahan: Richardson (50,000)

Sean Kennedy: Richardson (500,000)

Rudy Gobert broke the NBA dunks record last season with over 300, which even if we round up considerably, puts the league leaders between 3.5-4 dunks per game. So Zion would need to put up a historic dunking season to even be around four dunks per game. Josh Richardson averaged 6.3 3-point attempts per game last season, and I don’t expect much of a drop-off with his assuming some of JJ Redick’s responsibilities in the offense. Easy money.

Dave Early: Richardson (0)

Joel Embiid total rebounds per game (pick em) over Al Horford points per game

Steve Lipman: Horford (100,000)

Dan Volpone: Horford (50,000)

Kevin Rice: Horford (300,000)

Tyler Monahan: Horford (100,000)

Sean Kennedy: Horford (0)

Dave Early: Horford (0)

Joel Embiid games played (-2.5) over Mike Scott free throw percentage

Steve Lipman: Embiid (100,000)

Dan Volpone: Scott (50,000)

Kevin Rice: Scott (25,000)

Tyler Monahan: Scott (50,000)

Sean Kennedy: Scott (0)

Dave Early: Scott (0)

Tobias Harris games played (-25) over Trey Burke three pointers made

Steve Lipman: Burke (100,000)

Dan Volpone: Burke (50,000)

Kevin Rice: Burke (25,000)

Tyler Monahan: Burke (100,000)

Sean Kennedy: Burke (250,000)

Trey Burke appears to have a firm role in Brett Brown’s rotation and has averaged 1.2 3-pointers made per game over the course of his career. The 25-game line means the maximum Burke needs, even if Tobi is an ironman again this season, is 57 3s. I think he’ll appear in more than enough games to hit that fairly reasonable benchmark.

Dave Early: Burke (0)

Kyle O’Quinn three pointer made (-0.5) over non-Joel non-Ben Sixers All-Stars

Steve Lipman: Other (100,000)

Dan Volpone: O’Quinn (50,000)

Kevin Rice: Other (25,000)

Casino Note: Kevin definitely thinks Thybulle, Zhaire, and Jonah all make the all star team

Tyler Monahan: O’Quinn (100,000)

Sean Kennedy: O’Quinn (0)

Dave Early: O’Quinn (0)

Total games against the Bucks, including playoffs (-4) over Joel Embiid total flagrant fouls, including playoffs

Steve Lipman: Bucks (100,000)

Dan Volpone: Bucks (50,000)

Kevin Rice: Bucks (25,000)

Tyler Monahan: Flagrant (100,000)

Sean Kennedy: Flagrants (0)

Dave Early: Flagrants (0)

Participate in the faux-degeneracy here.

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