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17 76ers stats in honor of JJ Redick’s jersey number

Friday night Sixers facts

New Orleans Pelicans v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

It’s Friday. There is no Sixers game and you’re considering what to do. Here are 17 facts about your favorite team. Why 17? It’s to say thanks to JJ Redick for nailing a clutch four-point play in a big win against the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday:

Read these stats below in case the Sixers come up in conversation this weekend. Just pick your favorite stat and memorize it and whisper it to that special someone when you truly want to impress him or her. You’ll know the moment.

  1. The Sixers have ranked 12th in defensive rating (108.4) and 5th in offensive rating (113.5) since the Jimmy Butler trade.
  2. The starting five (Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Jimmy Butler, Wilson Chandler, JJ Redick) has only been collectively active for 21 games and 264 minutes. In that time, they have a net rating of +11.8.
  3. The 1st and 2nd half net rating splits for that starting group is: +20.7 net rating in first halves over 118 minutes; and +6.7 net rating in second halves over 140 minutes. (Fair warning, some of these may not go over well if the person you want to impress is a Sixers fan).
  4. A five player combo of Embiid, Butler, Simmons, Redick, and Mike Muscala (basically the starting five but you swap Muscala in for Chandler) has posted a +16.5 net rating over 54 minutes. It’s a tiny sample but when coach Brett Brown has gone to it it’s been effective.
  5. For every unique 3 player combo that has logged more than 299 minutes since the Jimmy Butler trade, JJ Redick is in the top 5. He’s also in 6 of the top 7:

Here are those lineups in order of net rating per since November 13th:

6. Wilson Chandler is in 4 of the team’s top 6 trios (above). He blocked a shot for the win Wednesday:

7. Embiid is in the top 3 of those high-octane trios (above). Ben is in the 1st and 5th.

8. Here are the only four 4-player lineups that have logged over 300 minutes on the season in descending order of net rating:

(This one is really money if you can memorize the whole thing with the lineups and net ratings, otherwise write it down on a napkin and glance at it).

Ben Simmons is the only starter who is in all four of these top performing quartets. Everyone else (Butler, Chandler, Redick, Embiid) is in three of these top four lineups. No bench player is in any of these.

9. Surprisingly, Wilson Chandler is in the best performing 4-player lineup. I would have guessed that the second one (Butler, Redick, Embiid, Simmons) would be not only the top performing four-man combo, but also the most utilized combo. So since the Jimmy Butler trade, Butler is not in the team’s best four-player lineup.

10. The second most utilized 5 player lineup since the Butler trade (after the starters) has been: Butler, Muscala, Landry Shamet, T.J. McConnell, Simmons (82 minutes) with a net rating of 8.0.

11. Per Synergy Sports (for the entire season) the team ranks 8th in the league in offensive points per possession in the half-court (.976). Partly know:

12. While the Sixers have been a top 10 defensive team on the whole year they only rank 17th in half court defense per Synergy, an area they can use help. This is in large part because...

13. There have been only 6 teams worse at defending pick & roll ball handlers than Philadelphia (.893 points per possession allowed) spanning the entire season.

Spencer Dinwiddie knows:

14. Surprisingly, despite having a Defensive Player of the Year candidate in Embiid, there are only two teams who rank worse than Philadelphia defending post ups on the whole year.

15. Simmons and Embiid are both in the league’s top 10 for total passes made since the beginning of the season:

16. The Sixers are tied with two teams (Lakers and Suns) for the second most turnovers per game in the league on the whole year. The Hawks rank last.

17. The Sixers are 2nd in the league in assists per game and free throws made per game for the whole year.

Enjoy your evening.

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