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The Stepover Pod: Episode 69

The Stepover Pod — Liberty Ballers official podcast.

If you haven’t already heard or read, Liberty Ballers and the Stepover Podcast are pairing up to bring sweet, sultry audio programming into your ear holes. You’re likely familiar with the Stepover Pod, but if you’re not, allow me to explain. The Stepover Pod is a Sixers podcast co-hosted by Liberty Ballers alumni Jim Adair (@jimadair3) and Max Rappaport (@MaxOnTwitter). The guys will be releasing episodes on Friday mornings (for now), and once the season gets closer, episodes will come weekly.

So where can you find the pod? You can subscribe via Apple Podcasts (or is it iTunes still?). If you’re more of a laptop/desktop audiophile, no worries! You can listen to the podcast on its PlayerFM feed or Stitcher channel. I’d suggest subscribing on your phone via Apple Podcast/iTunes or whatever you Android freaks use. Subscribing is the best way to stay on top of new episodes, as they’ll automatically download into your feed whenever Jim & Max release a show.

In the newest episode of the Stepover Podcast, Jim & Max discuss the General Manager situation and what all the secrecy regarding Markelle Fultz means. You can find it here for starters:

Episode 69?

Don’t forget to subscribe to and rate the pod. You’ll want each episode at your fingertips, so you can rant and rave about where Max & Jim got it right and wrong. But they’re never wrong, even when they disagree, so tread carefully.

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