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New episode of the Stepover Podcast: Markelle’s jumper, Butler trade talks, Humiditygate

Max and Jim discuss Elton Brand, Jimmy Butler, Markelle Fultz and Humiditygate.

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Liberty Ballers brings you new audio content for your listening pleasure: a brand new episode of the Stepover Podcast.

The Stepover Pod is hosted by Liberty Ballers alumni Jim Adair and Max Rappaport, so if you have enjoyed the site over the years, you’ll enjoy the pod. And if you have hated the website, I apologize. Can I make it up to you by suggesting a great podcast? It’s the Stepover Pod — the official Liberty Ballers podcast.

In episode #70, the guys discuss Elton Brand and his new position as General Manager of the Sixers, the snipits of Markelle Fultz’ new jumpshot, the Jimmy Butler situation and the fiasco now known as Humiditygate.

Don’t forget to subscribe, which you can do here. The podcast is available on all of the following platforms (hyperlinked to the feed):

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